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Counsel – with a reason

When T.V. star Freddie Prinze told fellow actors that he felt like taking his life, they responded, “Man, don’t talk that way.”  When a woman often told her husband she contemplated suicide, he reminded her that she had too much to live for.  The old song said, “Smile when your heart is aching, Smile even though it’s breaking.”

Well-intention good counsel, without substance.

The apostle Paul counseled the Philippians 4:4-7, not to be anxious—the basis of so much discouragement, disappointment, depression and the loss of interest in living.  Beyond the counsel, however, the apostle offered reasons WHY.

First, God IS and encourages us to seek him when any anxiety hits.  Thus, don’t “tough it out”, “be brave”, “meditate your way through it”, “have a hard workout”, etc.

Second, God unfailingly responds with his peace—what originates in him and therefore overcomes all that opposes us!  Not only so, that peace guards our hearts and minds.  An awesome promise.  Guards is a military term that refers to sentinels watching over sleeping troops.  Because they stand watch, others rest in peace.

Not only so, but God’s peace conquers both mind and heart.  We can most anytime decide we won’t worry about such and such—that’s our mental resolve.  Yet, perhaps within minutes, our emotions surface the problem and back the anxiety storms.

Not if we let God’s peace guard us.  He empowers the mind to resolve and quiets the emotional response that would weaken the resolve.  Getting God involved in life brings the conquest of fear, worry, guilt, etc. that would otherwise lead to anxiety and worry.  He won’t force his peace on us.  But he willingly and munificently grants his peace if we seek it through Jesus Christ, the Prince of Peace.

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