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Creation – goes on its usual way, whatever

Astronomers probing with their powerful scopes beyond Neptune think they found…a likely “dwarf planet” in the Kuiper belt.  Though it would take years before it became officially designated.  Who knows or cares?  Since astronomers have decided that Pluto failed to pass the “bigness” test, and found itself eliminated from the PLANET CLUB, why would astronomers consider a dwarf planet worth consideration?  San Diego U-T, 7/17/16

Pluto and the dwarf remind me:  as they continue being what God made them on the fourth day of creation, believers in Christ continue being committed to him whatever scholars may decide about him or discipleship.  As his own best evidence Jesus cares nothing for what cultures say of him, seminaries say of him, theologians say of him.  As the Judge of all, and subject of none, Jesus Rules.

As he always has in the Eternal Godhead.  As he did while in ministry in Israel.  As he continues now in history.  As he’ll continue doing eternally, after conquering all of God’s enemies and he turns over the kingdom to God the Father in an administration change, Jesus will continue to reign at God’s Right Hand.

Christians, put your hope nowhere but in Jesus:  what he says, believes, does.  Read the Gospels and let him speak for himself.  You won’t need the opinion of experts to describe, define or interpret him.

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Creation – cursed UNTIL…THEN

The floods in Texas, 2016, from a swollen, over-its-banks and get-out-of-the-way Brazos River.  The flood of the Seine River in Paris, France, 2016, sending Louvre Museum caretakers scrambling to move art works form lower to upper floors.  The tornadoes in Texas, Oklahoma, Arkansas, Kentucky, et al, 2016, stacking individual human possessions into unidentifiable piles of ruination.  And who knows what is yet to come, with hurricane season at our front door.

Understand the reason for creation’s mayhem.  Adam’s sin subjected creation to God’s curse Genesis 3:17-19.  A curse that will be lifted only when Jesus Christ returns from Heaven and the present heavens and earth are incinerated II Peter 3:10—the fires burning as far into the heavens and as deep into the earth as human corruption.  Until then, creation avenges itself on humanity for burdening it with a curse it didn’t deserve.

However…even now…much to the chagrin of humanists who demand the conservation of creation, creation passionately desires its death by fire, which heralds the renewal of itself through the renewal of human beings Romans 8:19.

When God eliminates the present created system, THEN the new heavens and earth will even-more prodigally serve the needs of God’s re-constituted people.  The wonder of creation now isn’t that it occasionally takes its revenge on us, but that it almost always provides all, and more than we need on earth.  If now, stricken with frustration, the new Creation will be surpassingly friendly and beatific to God’s redeemed people.

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Creation – look beyond to God

Thirteen San Diego County High School athletes/scholars were featured in the Union Tribune 6/9/15.  All of them planned on pursuing education in sports medicine, engineering, business, pre-med, etc.  Each held high GPA’s in preparation for their chosen careers.  None indicated an interest in pursuing educations preparing them for Christian service.  All want to work in fields that make daily life better.  Their careers also promise significant financial reward.

What one young man said intrigued me.  From a family of engineers and chemists, he’ll attend MIT to study physics and engineering.  He’s excited because every principle of physics learned will help him see “how the world works.”  Indeed, he already sees how “intricate and interesting” creation is.

That young man joins a lengthy list of engineers and physicists, some now in their 80’s and 90’s, who continue to be astounded by HOW creation works.  Not only they.  Mortals in every age have gazed into the sky, or burrowed into the earth; they’ve looked at stars above and seeds growing in the ground.  And they never ceased being amazed at creation.

The problem is:  wondering HOW creation works is as far as many secularists get.  They refuse to investigate the WHY of the HOW.  For that would necessarily lead them to wonder WHO could have been so WISE and POWERFUL to make creation work so well.

The Christian believer, with the Hebrew believer, glories in the God of creation, Psalm 19:1 ff, not merely in his works.  When we hear thunder we marvel at the GOD of great noise.  When we see lightning strikes, we shudder at God’s majestic terror.

We want to know HIM who does such great things.  Like Madam Guyon, we want to know and possess GOD himself, not merely understand the works of God.  With the knowledge of God in Christ, we understand that creation desires, craves and longs for incineration, Romans 8:19-21, so it can be renewed in the new world.  With the apostle, we understand that creation is not a seamless succession of centuries from the beginning till now.  A great liquid cataclysm devastated the ancient earth, foreshadowing the fiery cataclysm to incinerate the present earth II Peter 3:1 ff.

Let all secularists content themselves with studying the phenomena of creation.  Believers satisfy themselves only with personally knowing the only God and Jesus Christ whom he sent.  They explain it all!