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Cross – has meaning everywhere, sometimes troubling

In A woman in Berlin, the anonymous author noted graves in Berlin that held high-ranking Nazi political and military leaders.  They had died by their own guns or poison.  Some had died known only by their last names.

One woman died jumping from a window to escape Russian rapists.  That lady had a make-shift cross on her grave.  When Anonymous saw the cross, her throat tensed, and revulsion choked her.  She couldn’t figure why the mere sight of a cross had such an impact, especially as she no longer considered herself a Christian.  She finally decided that each sighting resurrected visions of her as a seven year old.  A teacher had graphically and tearfully described the Savior’s passion.  Any remembrance of a Cross, any sighting of a Cross, retrieved those memories.  A Woman in Berlin, 157

 In reality, Christ’s Cross either comforts or terrifies us.  It either brings us hope or alarm.  We see it either as God’s power and wisdom, I Corinthians 1:24; or a needless stumbling block and foolishness, I Corinthians 1:23.

One or the other, but not a neutral factor in life and history!  Not something we can ignore as irrelevant.  It either reconciles us to God if accepted or damns us before God if rejected.  What gives us eternal delight or eternal misery.

The danger of the cross!  Embraced, it saves to the uttermost.  Shunned, it brings a thunderous punishment we would wish in vain to annihilate us.