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Decisions – for holiness must be reinforced

A news account in December, 2008 noted that teens who took a virginity pledge until marriage were just as likely to have pre-marital sex as those not making the promise.  In addition, the kids taking the “pledge” were less likely to use contraceptives.  Did they expect their earlier commitment to sexual purity to protect them from pregnancy even as they broke their promise?

A news story in May, 2009 noted that unwed moms, mostly in their 20s and 30s, amounted for 40% of new births.  All races saw the increases, with Hispanics leading the statistics.  San Diego Union-Tribune

The stats aren’t surprising.  While making a commitment to any lifestyle is necessary, reinforcement of the commitment is as necessary.  Remember our decision last January to lose weight?  Have we?  Or our intention to begin an exercise program?  Have we?

This is particularly true in any spiritual pledge.  We’re natural sinners, even after our baptism.  We instinctively break any promise to God.  Only the most assiduous effort keeps spiritual goals alive and functioning.  Only the Holy Spirit’s presence provides protection against the humanity that SEEKS and DESIRES opportunities to betray our most sacred oaths to Jesus Christ.

Yours for a discipleship that volunteers to build a Christ-honoring lifeAnd like sentries watching sleeping soldiers, GUARDS our intention to completion.