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Destiny – obedience to God the difference in, Part II

This blog concludes the sermon excerpt from I Samuel 16:13-14.  While Samuel’s anointing of David had positive results for him, it had a negative impact on Saul.

Remember that the Spirit came on Saul to make him a better man as king.  Because he failed to develop into that better man, he could never be an increasingly better king.  Unlike Abraham Lincoln.  He entered his Presidency in 1861 unprepared for the crisis of Civil War.  But as a student-leader, who experienced religious conversion in those terrible years, he became a great President.

Remember also, in a rebuke to Calvinism:  Saul failed his challenge despite the Holy Spirit’s presence in his life.  The Spirit kept urging him to grow into being God’s man.  Saul paid no attention.  He remained instead his own man.  He didn’t fail because God unilaterally abandoned him via predestination.  Instead, only after Saul repeatedly failed to succeed, despite every divine encouragement to do so, did God abandon him, did the Holy Spirit depart from him.

That warns us that we have the ability while the Holy Spirit lives in us to thwart, to grieve, to disobey and to reject him—until he leaves us.   We are not forced to be God’s children despite our desire to disobey.  That also warns us that a limit exists to the time God allows favor to the disobedient.  He tolerates them so long as they serve his purpose; then OUT they go.  It’s happened in individuals and nations, with America and western culture presently in God’s crosshairs.

Saul forfeited his rule in Israel.  More than that, he lost his chance to establish a dynasty.  More than that, he lost the presence of the Holy Spirit in his life:  the greatest possible loss.  No believer ever wants to lose his place with God. As the penitent David said in Psalm 51, “do not cast me from your presence”; do not take your Holy Spirit from me.”  Saul would never say those words!

David inherited Saul’s throne.  More than that, a dynasty.  More even than that, the Holy Spirit came upon him and never left!  No gain could ever be so great.  He would go on to write Psalm after Psalm and Messianic Psalm after Messianic Psalm.  About his descendant inheriting his throne.  About his descendant reigning over the house of Jacob forever.  About his descendant establishing a kingdom that would never end!  But this blog does.

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Destiny – obedience to God the difference in, Part I

This blog excerpts the second message from I Samuel 16 preached 2/28/16.

I Samuel 16:13-14 records the fall and rise of two men in Israel:  Saul’s fall and David’s rise.  David’s anointing by Samuel had as positive an impact on him as a negative impact on Saul.

Further, the Spirit’s bestowal on David and withdrawal from Saul resulted from each man’s lifestyle.  Not merely because David represented the rising and Saul the setting sun in Israel.  Not merely because a generational change occurred from the older king to the youthful shepherd.

It meant that Saul’s spiritual alienation from God had reached its climax while David’s spiritual maturity had only begun to deepen.  Remember that Saul represented the king Israel wanted—a king like the nations.  David represented the king God desired—a man after his own heart.  God let them have their way, knowing Saul would fail.  God chose David to found a kingdom that exists to this very day as the Church and shall forever as the Kingdom of Heaven ruled by God and his Christ.

The Holy Spirit couldn’t be ON both men at the same time, as he would be equally on the Twelve apostles on Pentecost.  They were all the same kind of men:  committed to Jesus, believing his word and obeying his will.  Saul and David were poles-apart opposites.

– End Part I –

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