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Disagreements – destructive

The Oregon and California Trails brought strangers together at Independence and Westport, Missouri.  Many of the partnership survived the disagreements and hardships of the Trail.  They buried their possible fracturing differences for the greater cause of unity on the Trail.

But not all the pioneers. When some, who owned a single wagon between them, grew so violently disagreeable, they sawed their wagons in half.  Improvising two-wheeled carts from them, the divided teams pulled them.  When disagreement kept the teams from being divided, men pulled their own half-wagon.  That soon proved destructive since human effort couldn’t rouse the strength to continue.  They either had to buy spare horses or oxen or die along the way.  One divided duo actually sawed their wagon lengthwise, afraid the other would get the better half.  Of course it rendered the wagon useless, but at least “the other” guy wouldn’t get the advantage.  The Mighty Land, p.60

Haven’t such hateful, harmful divisions weakened and destroyed church bodies?  Can’t we find at least some Christians who would rather let another have the last word than to keep arguments going?  Or to be wronged rather than harm innocent people who have nothing to do with the dispute?  Or to reserve any such strong disagreements over doctrines essential to Christianity and not fracture Christ’s body over personality conflicts?  I Corinthians 6:1-8 is a necessary text for all church leaders to study and embody.

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