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Duty – doesn’t ask “why me?”

As the Higgins’ boat motored to Utah Beach 6 June, 1944, a soldier kept repeating aloud, “Why me?”  A soldier in another Higgins’ boat the same day, never known for profanity, stood and began to curse everything about the war, including Higgins, Eisenhower, his immediate superiors and, most vehemently, Adolph Hitler.  He was really saying, “When I should be somewhere else, doing something I love, why is this happening to me?”

Most men, like the 20 year old sergeant of the 626th Engineer Co., were too busy doing their duty to ask the question.  They bulldozed everything from an airfield strip to sand bunkers.  They built everything from pillboxes to entire towns.  Actively working kept them from self-centered questions.  Occupying themselves with their work kept personal problems to a minimum.  San Diego U-T, 6/6/16

Discipleship in Christ’s name isn’t easy at any time.  But the circumstances of life conspire to create the “why me” syndrome that distracts from our duty and reduces our effectiveness.  Let’s concentrate on what God demands in his word and expects of us.  That will keep the “why me’s” to a minimum.  It will also fuel effort with significant energy that achieves spiritual success despite our incapacities.

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