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Election – think about what you’re doing

So, the protestors are out in cities of America declaring their opposition to Trump’s election.  Some in Chicago are even saying they had a “constitutional duty” to reject Trump.  Where in the constitution did they find that?  What happened to the honored American custom of accepting the results of the electorate?  Did Republicans protest in the streets when Obama was elected (gag) twice?  Did they suggest they had a constitutional duty to remove him?

Such thinking removes the country to the “good old days” when Roman Emperors were systematically “eliminated,” when election to the office guaranteed a violent death.  And to the early years of the 19th century when anarchists had to “revolt against it somehow,” bombing, killing indiscriminately.  Are such protests to be the new normal in American politics?  Is the anarchy endemic to human nature to make despots of those yielding to it?  Indeed, by claiming they insist on tolerance the protestors become intolerant.  By refusing to live by the rules they become lawless.  Is that what they want for their future?

The protests don’t offer a present danger.  But what of 10 to 20 years from now?  Will protestors against duly elected presidents decide they need to be eliminated, whatever it costs?  THINK, people, before you start something you yourself will hate when it’s full grown.

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