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End – every beginning has an

In his book Back to the Front, Stephen O’Shea recounted his effort to walk—he sometimes rode—the 450 mile length of WWI battlegrounds.  His decidedly anti-military opinions notwithstanding, it’s generally an interesting book.  The front ran from Nieuport on the English Channel to the Swiss border.

The applicable point of the book to this blog is:  whatever begins has an end.  Wars may be ferocious and take millions of lives—WWI and II did—but both ended.  Farmers begin a new year each Spring and conclude the season with Fall harvest.  2015 began January 1 and will end December 31, 2015.  We who once were babies—like our great-granddaughter McKaela at six months—are now older or much older and closer to our end.

Pillboxes may mark the beginning and end of battle fronts, where events mark ours.  Between our beginning and ending we trace progress or retreat, success or failure, health or sickness, etc., by events experienced, people met or lost, personal goals achieved or missed.

Christians scan 2015 and see where we began, and now are.  The goals we set have to some, or  great extent been reached.  Whatever we did or didn’t get done, the end is near for this year.

As this last blog of 2015 is posted, I intend to be more prolific in all kinds of writing, but particularly in apologetic writing in 2016, especially finishing the second volume of Their Own Best Defense.  That’s a resolution that can be kept by God’s help:  and better one that can be than multiples that won’t be.  Join me:  think of one thing you want to do for God in 2016 that can be achieved by the Spirit of God at work in you.  If every Christian made one such resolution, multiple millions of Christ-honoring decisions will lead to multiple millions of good deeds done for Jesus, blessings shared with hurting people, lost people saved, marriages restored and substantial testimonies for the Savior.  All it takes are masses of Christians one-by-one committing to SOMETHNG we each do to honor the Lord God Jesus Christ!

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