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Endeavor – every human . soiled

Maybe you read the account in another paper; I read it in the San Diego U-T, May 23, 2016.  It seems that the Flower Industry, which specializes in beautiful plants, pleasant fragrances and colorful blossoms has in its unseemly underside greed, ambition, intrigue, theft, competition.

The particular litigation involved a German grower who developed a gorgeous flower and bargained with Home Depot to market it.  Then, Jacob-like, a rival grower by stealth, imitation, treachery and deceit undertook to supplant it.

The nature of all beauty in a fallen world!  We can’t miss the grace nor can we eliminate the human gracelessness often accompanying it.  Of course big money from selling in big stores—Home Depot, Lowe’s and Wal-Mart—lurks in the litigation over flowers.  But how often even God’s work is blighted by human stubbornness, nearsightedness, tradition or innovation.  And it’s the most unsordid of all activities in humanity.  How often does the human ego intrude on God’s selfless love and Christ’s selfless sacrifice?

May God soon bring his Son’s Return from Heaven.  Then the perfect world of perfect grandeur will have only perfected people as citizens.

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