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Enemy – when even they show mercy

Five months after General Haig said the machine gun would prove vastly overrated, the Battle of Loos proved him terribly wrong.  As the British advanced, and filled the grassy plain, German machine gunners took aim and swept murderous fire across their fire zone.  Hundreds of British soldiers fell, wounded and dead.

On one part of the field a British platoon raced perhaps 20 yards when their officer signaled them to dive for cover.  When he again whistled advance, and no one responded, he stood and bellowed, “Forward!”  No one responded.  When he cursed his men as cowards, a sergeant, mercifully alive, but with a broken shoulder, explained.  The prone men weren’t cowards; they were dead.  The devastation moved the German gunners enough that they refused to fire on the retreating British.  No further German firepower covered their front that day.  The First WW, 199.

In the spiritual warfare between Jesus and Satan, Jesus never gives an unwise order, never underrates the scale of the conflict, never misjudges the danger involved for those who serve and never fails to succor those harried physically, mentally or spiritually in any contest.

But our Enemy is different from those WWI German gunners.  Satan never shows mercy to anyone hurt or depressed or feeling abandoned by God.  He continues to fire all his deadly weapons of slander against God and accusation against mortals.  Satan:  the enemy who never feels sorry and always seeks vengeance.  His goal and his strategy remain singular:  he wants to send as many as possible to Hell now and take as many as possible with him into Hell after God pitches him into Hell and locks the gates forever.  Why would anyone live now for the one who wants only to harm them—when they could serve the Only One who wants to help them—and CAN?

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