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Extremes – need to avoid

The first is unsaved humanity’s egotism—a terribly vicious sin in contemporary life.  We’re so confident we can handle whatever comes to us.  Are we not all educated beyond all previous generations?  Haven’t we advanced in medicine, technology and tolerance?—the last our proudest achievement, though it’s a tolerance of what God hates!  However much past generations needed God, we don’t.  He’s no longer useful to us, let alone necessary.

Yes, we do, because he IS.

Eve first fell to the Satanic lie that humans can decide how to live.  Yet she was honest enough to admit being deceived by Satan.  We have far too many failures, disasters, wars, etc. to ever be confident in our abilities, let alone boast of them.

The second extreme to avoid is the believer’s pessimism.  That not even the love of Jesus is great enough to recognize our individuality.  Nor is his grace enough to optimize it.

Yes, it is.  And yes it can.

Never let Satan diminish our importance to irrelevance.  Jesus died for every single person; and he’s as interested in extending grace to as many as he died for.  The happy medium is:  first accept the historic Jesus Christ as God’s Gift to forgive human sin. The second is to understand the eternal value of every human being.  Human being, understand, not animals or the environment or education, or whatever we exalt instead of human beings.

The Emperor Justinian built Santa Sophia in Istanbul.  He paid such attention to detail it seemed the only one of its kind in the 6th century.  It wasn’t; but Justinian built each cathedral AS IF it were the only one he constructed.

God’s love is like that.  He loves each mortal as if he’s the only one alive; and loves each of the seven billion more with the same attention to all our personal details.

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