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Eyes – and women

A Woman’s World magazine article, 3/30/15, featured feminine eyes.  There was the Cat Eye; the Smoky Eye—that one baffled me—; the Shimmery Eye—ditto, more so; the Doe Eye—got that one; and the Contoured Eye—maybe the prettiest of the bunch.

Women accent their eyes in order to impress others, mostly men.  With the right make-up, and a little imagination in viewers, women can be seen as mysterious, unstable, innocent, or beckoning.  This writer often studies eyes:  when meeting people, passing them in public, or seeing them in pictures.  In a book on Photography in New Orleans, today I saw two of the saddest eyes in a young lady.  Very touching.  And the daguerreotype was from 1845-1850.  Eyes seldom fail to reveal something interesting; fear, excitement, uncertainty, hope, distress— you get the idea.

Which is all entertaining or useless except as Jesus made strong statements about the human eye.  He said that eyes serve as entryways into the person inside the body.  The context of Matthew 6:19-24 focuses on our need to trust someone in life.  The two sources of help are MONEY and GOD.  If we trust money as our source, our eyes—we ourselves—are full of darkness.  If we trust God, our eyes—we ourselves—are full of light.  That’s the pertinacity of the context.  Whom shall we trust?  Shall we seek our fulcrum for life in whatever money can buy; or in God, who demands priority in our lives and promises to care for those who TRUST him?

In that context, what do our eyes say about us?

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