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Fame – even a piano has by association

It’s thought to have been in the Parlor of Ninian Edwards’s, Springfield, Illinois home.  It’s thought to have been played when young Abraham Lincoln paid courtship calls on young Mary Todd, Elizabeth Edwards’s sister.  He liked to listen as family and visitors sang to its accompaniment.  Since Lincoln and Todd married in the home, it was likely played at the ceremony.  The piano remained in the family home until 1895.  The state of Illinois purchased it in the 1920’s.  The National Park Service later acquired and housed it.  In 2011 it donated it to the Springfield Art Association.

Though no unmistakable provenance can be assigned to the piano, the Association considered the evidence strong enough to raise $17,000 to restore the 180 year old instrument.  It made its public debut in the Association’s “Edwards Place, the city’s oldest home.”  San Diego U-T, 2/7/16

What a charming thought:  the very piano Abraham Lincoln heard play is now being played again in the very parlor where he heard it.  His fame elevated the instrument.  As a student of Lincoln; as a former long-time resident of Lincoln, Illinois, named for Abraham before he became famous, the idea of seeing the instrument and hearing it played resonates with nostalgia.  But then, I also like reading Reminisce Magazine, especially stories of childhood and young adult years spent in the Prairie town, attending all its schools, including then-Lincoln Bible Institute and Seminary.

Then I wondered:  how much more blessed and invigorating to know that our association with Jesus Christ raises us above our humanity, our mortality, our limitations, our sins, our death.  Above all that to his excellence and perfection and to the very presence of his God and Father.  Though centuries separate us from the young preacher in Galilee, from the scenes so many of his contemporaries identified with him, he’s as close to us as to his time.  As the Eternal Son of God, he reigns now through the Eternal Spirit of God, who keeps alive, current and relevant the Master’s historic life on earth:  constantly, despite the centuries between; new every morning, despite the millennia of mornings since he walked the earth.  And…amazing promise of God…the best is YET to be, when he will renew us in a body fit for the new earth in which we’ll live forever, aware of all the passing years and, after 10,000 pass, knowing we have Just Begun To Live Eternally.

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