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Fortunate – being . better than being lucky

A New York man won a million dollars in 2012 scratching off numbers.  In 2016 he defied the odds and again won a million dollar jackpot.  However, he didn’t consider himself lucky.  Rather, the money won in 2012 largely went to pay bills accrued when his wife contracted cancer.  (Did he have no insurance?)  Since she died in 2014, he felt the new jackpot could be her way of “sending help” for the family.  San Diego U-T, 5/12/16

Talk about someone reaching back from the grave!  Let’s see:  his wife couldn’t defy death’s arrival, but she could overcome death’s finality by granting financial help to survivors.  That is hope in desperation!

Others have won at Lottery more than once, and to some degree of wealth.  And it’s Luck any time.  Heck, it’s Luck to win once.

It’s better to be fortunate than lucky.  Any Christian is fortunate:  sins forgiven, God’s Grace alive in him, the Holy Spirit guiding him, the Bible open for investigation, Bible values the basis of life’s decisions, et al.  Every one of which relates to God’s planned, directed, completed work in history through Jesus Christ.  Nothing of which relates to Luck.

You have to play the Lottery to be lucky enough to win.  If you play, no matter how faithfully, you likely won’t win.  The basis of the Lottery is that a very few win, and even fewer big, but nearly everyone else playing doesn’t at all.  You have to accept Jesus to be fortunate enough to have your sins forgiven and his Grace filling your life.  However, and thank God for his largesse, everyone who accepts Jesus is equally fortunate.  Each is loved as if he’s the only one and all are loved equally.

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