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Funeral – a time to extol Christ, not mortals

Just thinking…why have we so freely and willingly rushed to adopt the humanist celebration of human life when people die.  We can understand their need to remember the dead mortal:  their only hope as humanists is to leave behind something worthwhile since they have nothing positive beyond the grave.

But for Bible-believing disciples of Christ to follow their lead?  Why not instead use the funeral (or memorial service as it’s now called, as if to lessen the finality of the event), to celebrate Jesus Christ the Lord?  Christians should use the occasion to glorify Christ:  whose sacrifice forgives our sins so we CAN be his disciples; whose Spirit lives in our minds and hearts to direct our new life; whose Word offers never-failing, always-sustaining education in spiritual truth.

We’ll never find a Christian hymn that focuses on human capability or worth.  We’ll find hymns of never ending amazement of God’s mercy in Christ; of victory in Jesus; of a Wonderful Savior in Jesus our Lord; of our soul being imprisoned in sin’s dark night and Christ’s light flooding our minds with his Presence.  And on and on.

Just thinking…how even in the final good-by to loved ones we can remind the living that Jesus Christ wants them also to accept his forgiveness and eternal life.

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