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Futurism – reverse, What If…? Part IV

In the conclusion of this four-part blog, consider the old poem

Backward, turn Backward

Oh Time in thy flight.

Make me a child again

Just for tonight.

We all sometime have the need to GO back…to correct mistakes made…to unsay something we regret…to say something we should have….

But no, impossible.  Forward we go in life, backward only in our imaginations.  The poem is relevant to the blog, however.  If we went back to July 4, 1776, and put there the:  absence of Biblical values and doctrines; the dis-belief in Almighty God and his Son Jesus Christ; degraded morals everywhere prevalent.  In today’s Union-Tribune, the movie reviewer said the particular comedy was “harsh, crude, vulgar, dirty-minded—and side-splitting.”  7/8/16.  Oh, well, the patina of “humor” excuses all the moral filth.  That’s America in the first quarter of the 21st America:  tolerant of any wickedness but hating God in Christ.  However, to the condemnation of anyone who watches it and laughs, if we put back into the American life of 1776 what we laugh at now, where would America be 240 years later?  Would America still BE?


Readers…be sure to read I John 2:15-17.  Memorize it.  Repeat it to yourself when you’re tempted to forget that God IS and God JUDGES individuals and societies.  The Roman Empire lasted some 800 years.  It fell into ruin over 300 years.  America is only 240 years old as an independent country.  Can we imagine that God will tolerate even 60 more years of what we publicly parade and tolerate before he brings America to Judgment?

We used to pray for revival in America.  Some of us have stopped that prayer.  Our society is too set in confident humanism to be revived.  We’re now praying for the fortitude, perseverance and faithfulness to be Jesus Christ’s witnesses in the Great Trouble coming on the world.  In the Great Trouble will come repentance.  Remember:  ancient Israel had to be exiled as punishment before being restored to her homeland.  God will have to punish his people with Justice, and society with wrath before Christians have the opportunity to witness to a receptive nation.  Hang in there believers.  Hang on to Jesus Christ.  Today’s rejection of him will be tomorrow’s openness.  And that will be our opportunity.    Finis

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Futurism – reverse, What If…? Part III

Based on demographics, Futurism is the study of possible trends in society that helps businesses, builders and governments plan for growth.  The scriptural basis of What If…? is Genesis 2:8-9, 15-17.  The content of What If…?, a reverse Futurism, studies the question, “Where would America be now if, on July 4, 1776, the founding fathers of America held the same principles, morals and attitude towards God, Jesus and the Bible that we currently embrace?

First, What If…? they had no faith in God as the Architect and Superintendent of history?  That history simply meant that the one who got there first with the most won and everyone else lost.  Historian Page Smith, while admitting that historians in earlier centuries believed in God’s governance of history, “modern” historians discount the whole idea.

Second, What If…? preachers then developed human-centered sermons, concerned with what people wanted, not what they needed to hear?  We call Christ’s message Gospel—good news—because it begins with God’s person, word, demands, holiness, wrath, grace, etc.  Every factor central to and essential to the Gospel, and nearly everyone unwelcome to the unsaved and many believers!

Jesus willingly met human needs, but as an expression of his compassion, never intending to make a good impression so people would more willingly listen.  Teaching began and remained the mainstay of his ministry, and it always began with God.

Third, What If…? the earliest colleges had begun by ridiculing the Four Gospels as the creation of disciples turning a failed Jesus into a Mighty Christ?  Or denying Christ as God’s Only Begotten Son?  Or refusing to have God favorably mentioned in any secular university classroom?

Had any of the above been the policy of Yale, Harvard, Princeton, etc., none would have been founded.  For they were founded to educate Ministers of the Gospel!

Fourth, What If…? American Christianity in July, 1776 accepted homosexuality as an accepted alternative to heterosexuality?  Or living together as an acceptable substitute for marriage?  Or considered Islam, Buddhism or Eastern religions as acceptable alternatives to Jesus Christ’s sacrifice?

Fifth, What If…? the founders of America accepted, promoted and demanded recognition of the immorality we consider so common it’s the new normal?  Where everything goes, however wicked, the more shocking the behavior, the worthier of emulation?  And particularly important, where every profanity possible exists in public, especially where God and Christ can be profaned.  At the same time, doesn’t tolerate any mention of Jesus Christ in a public venue!  End Part III

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Futurism – reverse, Part II, What If….?

Alvin Toffler, author of Future Shock series of books, is now dead.  His insights into trends in society got the attention of millions world-wide.  In a blog of reverse futurism, let’s look 240 years into the past—to July 4, 1776—and asks, WHAT IF?  What would our society be now if the founding fathers held the beliefs presently dominating culture?

The scriptural basis of WHAT IF? is Genesis 2:8-9, 15-17.  2:9 says that God put in Eden “trees that were pleasing to the eye and good for food.”  That satisfied two human needs.  One, the need of beauty—which the feminine sex has personalized.  Two, the need of provisions—food—which all personify, sometimes to excess.

While both the Tree of Life and the Tree of the Knowledge of Good and Evil were pleasing to the eye and produced food, only the Tree of Life yielded food that nourished.  The other food produced death.  At the beginning of human history, then, God established the RULE:  LIFE if we obeyed him, DEATH if we didn’t.  While he gave us the choice, he warned that we couldn’t disobey him and LIVE!

Beginning with Adam’s, every generation since has refused to take God seriously, ours flagrant in disputing him.  Somehow, some way, some time we believe, with enough education, or lavishing enough money, or creating the necessary technology, we’ll find LIFE—at least 150 years in length.  (Despite the fact that our life-span hasn’t increased to Psalm 90:10, let alone flown by it, leaving it in the dust.)  By the way, proof of God’s accuracy in Genesis 2:17 is obvious in cemeteries world-wide.  The monotony of “then he died” afflicts each generation in turn, none excepted.

God said it in Genesis 2, at the beginning of humanity, and has altered nothing he said.  We can fly beyond the blue horizon looking for life, and to the farthest star seeking it, but fullness of life now and eternal life despite the grave is found only where God the Father put it—in his eternal fellowship with God the Son and sealed forever by God the Spirit.  End Part II

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Futurism – reverse, Part I

Alvin Toffler is dead at 87 years.  He wrote Future Shock, the first in a trilogy of books that studied and forecast changes in the 20th century—a study called futurism.  He admitted that he couldn’t predict the future—he left that to “television oracles and newspaper astrologers.”  Though critics said he got a lot of evaluations wrong, his books attracted attention for the trends he studied, from which he drew comprehensive conclusions.  San Diego U-T, 6/30/16

However, futurism isn’t merely what 20th century educators created, and 21st promoters expanded to help city planners and corporations understand and exploit demographics.  Futurism suffused the Jewish world Jesus inhabited. The Pharisee anticipated a coming Messiah.  The Sadducees planned continuing order based on the Pax Romana.  The Essenes predicted a purified society in Israel based on personal purity that would bring Messiah to the people.  Zealots envisioned armed revolutionaries leading insurrections against the hated occupier.  And common people saw no hope their tax burdens would be reduced so they could have money for everyday necessities.

Mr. Toffler made no mention of God as the Designer, Architect and Governor of history.  Humanists want to think they don’t need God.  This past Friday’s Union-Tribune had a special section called San Diegans Who Have Changed the World.   I don’t expect to see many positive references to God, and none to Christ.  Especially when one of the San Diegans they think changed the world is Shaun White—a skateboarder.  End Part I

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