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Genesis – historicity is all-important

An article in Fuller News, Fuller Theological Seminary in Pasadena, California, seemed to agree with those who question the status of Adam as a real historic being.  The writer then made the astounding mis-statement that the historicity of Adam is proved more by Paul’s use of Adam and Christ in Romans 5 and I Corinthians 15, than by the Genesis record.

Nonsense.  That falsehood creates a great gulf between the Testaments, with each independent of the other, and the Old not influencing the New.  This writer has an article called If Eden Is Poetry, Calvary’s A Myth.  It traces facts and truths found in New Testament writings that were first stated in Genesis, especially chapters 1-11.  Among those facts and truths is the historicity of the first Adam as a real human male as the origin of humanity.  Paul in Romans used Adam because he was real, not fictional, because the Christ he foreshadowed was real, not fictional.

Satan is at work in Christian communities, using the very intelligence God gave his people to proclaim his word to instead deny his WORD in Genesis.  Without a historic Genesis, no history exists in the New Testament.