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God – himself the only essential person

Madame Guyon, once a beautiful aristocratic woman bewitched by the world’s allure suffered a life-changing attack of smallpox.  That turned her from those in the upper crust who no longer chose to break bread with her to Jesus Christ, God’s Living Bread on whom she could continually feast.

For seven years she longed to feel God’s presence only to feel disappointed that he had forsaken her.  Through enough Bible study, fasting and prayer to educate her, she learned to walk by faith, not feelings.

She also found a startling new truth:   the deeper into God’s word and discipleship she plunged, she wanted to possess God himself, not merely God’s gifts.  She wanted the GOD of consolation, not merely the consolation he offered.  The GOD of peace, not just the peace of mind he bestowed.  The GOD of truth, not only the truths his word taught.  Deeper Life Experiences of Famous Christians, 80

A necessary factor in all Christian discipleship.  All too often we seek the benefits of God in Christ instead of the colossal Presence of God in Christ.  The former attitude admires the gifts of God; the latter seeks and embraces God in Christ himself, whatever good we experience, whatever challenging burden we bear.  What do we seek for our discipleship?

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God – understandable…that’s what terrifies us

Using so-called intellectuals in important societal, business or media positions, Satan convinces many that God is too complex for the average mind to understand.  Better to let those intellectually endowed be in charge of what constitutes permissive beliefs, morality, sexuality and politics.  Only they can fathom what lesser-gifted minds couldn’t possibly know.  And, of course, they invariably conclude that you can’t trust the Bible to accurately educate us.

That’s also the siren-call of liberals in Washington, D.C.  “Let big government make the decisions you ‘little people’ can’t.  Only those blessed by Ivy School education really understand human behavior and what mortals need.”

Both claims are packs of lies.  Naturally, if Satan tells the BIG LIE—God is dead or irrelevant or hopelessly out-of-date, he won’t scruple to tell lesser lies—like, let the government make your decisions or don’t even try to understand God.

The truth is, we all too-clearly understand God and his Word.  We simply don’t like what he’s said.  Since we can’t change it, we lie that we can’t understand it—or God didn’t mean what he said.  Where God says he’s the Only God, we demand multiple deities.  When he says Jesus is the Only Way to Heaven, we demand multiple ways.  (While it’s true that many ways to serve God exist, we refuse to believe only ONE way to reach God exists.)  When God says we must deny ourselves to be Christ’s disciples, we demand the right to self-fulfillment.  When God warns that Hell awaits the disobedient, we petulantly say he can’t be God if he sends people to Hell.

And so forth; and so on; human arrogance flaunting itself, impressing only itself.  Clearly understanding what God said, but refusing to think he’s serious.  Having no trouble with Scripture’s words, except to think they apply to 21st century minds.  Let’s be honest, friends.  We have no trouble knowing who God IS and what God SAYS.  We simply refuse to believe that we need to take the Bible seriously unless we affirm it or accept any decision it reaches unless we ratify it.  We simply want to be our own deity; we want to out-God God.

Which will never happen.  And, by the way, many don’t care if it never happens.  They want it because it’s what makes them presently comfortable with their beliefs.  They’ll take their chances on eternity if they can have what presently makes them content.  Fools that they are, that’s how they think.

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New Apologetics book:  Their Own Best Defense, Volume 2, Part 1

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God – alone gives the orders

In Spring, 1983, then-Padres Manager Dick Williams signaled to pitcher Chris Welsh not to throw to first base again.  Welsh disobeyed.  Out rushed pitching coach Norm Sherry repeating the Manager’s orders.  Welsh replied that he was going to anyway.  If Williams didn’t like it, he could bench him.  Williams did.  Welsh didn’t pitch for the Padres again.  San Diego U-T, 5/1/83

In baseball the Manager calls the shots, the pitches, whether to bunt or try a pick-off play, or any number of other decisions.  The players merely obey—OR ELSE.

God gives the orders in life.  He repeatedly warns us to obey him.  He also repeatedly warns of consequences if we don’t.  Nevertheless, we feel it our right to ignore, challenge or defy God’s WORD.  We feel free to substitute his Truth with our opinion.  And if he doesn’t like it, that’s too bad!  We pay no attention to his OR ELSE!  We don’t think his OR ELSE is any more certain or final than his WORD.

We’re 100% wrong.  A magnificent distinction underscores it.  A baseball manager rules his team.  God rules the world, the universe and eternity.  Unilaterally, without any opposition.  He will not be mocked by us.  He will punish any continued disobedience to his WORD.  All who continue to defy God’s Will will be SORRY.  America; pay attention!


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God – the original, humanity the imitators

Ephesians 5:22-33 discusses the husband/wife relationship as an example of the model Jesus established between himself and the church.  He originates the pattern; humans merely copy it.  That not only determines how human marriage begins, but identifies the partners in it and determines the length of marriage.

Clark Gable thought his idea was better.  While dismissing God in Christ as excrement, he determined that religion was merely a man loving a woman.  Note that he didn’t even consider the Biblical model relevant.  A man of his time in Hollywood, he married 5 times, with who knows how many relationships.  The point is while the Bible teaches Christ and the Church as God’s model for marriage, Gable wanted—married or not—love between mortals the model and Christ saving humans irrelevant.  Like other fools, Gable expected God to let him make the rules, to which God would adhere.

People do it all the time.  They know what God says, …BUT…then spout their BUT in place of the Master’s direct teaching.  While it’s a human trait, it’s also an outrageous sin against the Holy Spirit.

There’s a “rest of the story” to the story.  The man to whom Gable addressed his nonsense had been reared in a church-going family, but didn’t know anything about Christ and the Church.  What had the preacher taught?  Had the man been listening?  He had the perfect chance to bear a witness to a terribly sinful human who posited himself above Jesus Christ.  But because he lacked personal faith in the Savior—he considered Jesus only a philosopher—he shared Gable’s ignorance.  Long Live the King, 289-290.

Two fools met:  the one willing to declare himself superior to Christ, the other admitting his ignorance of Christ.  I like Gable as much as the next guy.  He was a man’s man.  But only a man who, by the way, couldn’t find in at least four marriages what satisfied him as a religion and died before he proved he found it in his fifth.

Every human is a fool if he thinks God lets us establish any model of belief and behavior we choose, then forces Jesus to comply.

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God – isn’t what religious science teaches

When a San Diego Union-Tribune columnist wanted to interview someone about how the spirit, soul, or psyche in humanity can be nourished, not famished, he contacted a Southwestern College professor.  He didn’t consult Moses, the great ancient Spokesman for God in Law.  Not Isaiah or Jeremiah, the great Prophets of God who called people to God’s revealed truth through Moses.  He didn’t read Jesus Christ’s story in the Gospels, though they reveal him as the Great God in the Flesh, who called people to God through Grace; the one who can answer any question we have about life, sin, death and judgment.  Nor did he consult Pope Francis or Rick Warren; he certainly didn’t ask Rabbi Daniel Lapin or Franklin Graham.

He consulted a religious science kind of guy who believes the stories of Christ’s virgin birth and bodily resurrection are mere “metaphors”, not actual events.  For him, being spiritual is something inside the self—the “Christ-within” so popularized by those who want the buzz of religion without Christ’s barb of self-denial.  To that professor, religion is about getting beneath the cruelty of nature to the “harmony and beauty” from which we draw strength and comfort—whatever that nonsense means.  Or getting with Buddhism or Hinduism, which means you accept the fact that you’re already one with everything, so all you need do is be at peace with whatever there is that you’re one with.  Understand?  The professor even liked the Hindu definition of evil:  it isn’t evil; it’s merely people doing destructive things.  It’s simply the absence of good.  Well, then, what is it called?  Every behavior has a definition.  What is hatred, immorality, murder, profanity if it isn’t sin?

These teachers mouth a faith that makes no demands beyond human decency.  The value thought that speculates but leads to no definite conclusions.  They demand freedom to be whatever we desire even if it’s only to be in touch with ourselves.  This is Biblically-illiterate America in the 21st century.  Going from one trash heap of humanism to another, scenting it like dogs scent each other to see if the smell is acceptable for copulation.  If not, proceeding to the next heap, hoping something will please the nose and interest our involvement.  We have no more desire to find the truth about Christ than those teachers to tell the truth about Christianity.

The false prophets of today, like those in Jeremiah’s time, “like bows, shoot lies” Jeremiah 9:3.  Like empty cisterns, they fling mud and call it wisdom.  Like decaying carcasses, they declare their stench is really perfume.  They’re scarecrows in a melon patch, assuring the ignorant that they’re really alive.  They’re fountains from hell pouring out lies and calling them “spiritual helps.”

As was Israel in Jeremiah’s time, so America is now easy prey for the Satanic prophets.  “The prophets prophesy lies, the priests rule by their own authority and my people love it this way” 5:31.  “But what will you do in the end?” the prophet shouted.  When “the harvest is past, the summer has ended, and we are not saved?” 8:20.

God repeatedly warned Jeremiah not to pray for Israel since the time for Judgment had come.  Jeremiah 7:16 as an example.  America is at that stage, the time for America to be judged.  If Christians insist on praying for America, let them pray for God’s judgment to fall.  In that fall to judgment is our only hope for the revival of individuals in Christ who, once converted to him, will revive society.

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God – know the truth about

American soldiers feared the same Japanese fanaticism in every battle after enduring Banzai attacks in Attu, the Aleutians.  The invasion of Saipan led to rumors that the Emperor of Japan had ordered such attacks.  It was called Gyokusai—Death with honor—and demanded 7 American deaths to every 1 Japanese.  (American Intelligence couldn’t find any fact in the rumor; they believed it originated from Japanese headquarters on Saipan or on the battlefield.)  Nevertheless, once believed by Nippon’s troops on the island, it became truth.  Between 3000 and 4000 soldiers participated in the attack, which effectively finished Japanese resistance on Saipan.  Readers Digest, WWII Illustrated, 442

A lot of rumors about God circulate daily.  Rumors, A.K.A., Satan lies.  One such is spouted by the likes of actor William Shatner.  He said that science fiction is mythology:  which is true.  He then said it isn’t “unlike religion”:  nobody knows for sure, but we tolerate it in case.  That’s patently false.  Parade Magazine, 8/28/16

A lot of religion may be myth, but God Almighty is FACT.  We have our understanding of reality and self only because God is SO REAL.  We couldn’t even open our mouth and eyes except God IS!  We can think, not respond by instinct, because God IS!

Never take an actor’s word for anything, especially about God.  No rumor about God is ever true, no matter what famous or rich person starts it or believes it.  Only the 66 books of Old and New Testament contain the truth about God in Christ.

Another rumor, i.e., Satanic lie, is that Jesus is only what the Gospel writers wanted him to be.  Indeed, they manufactured a triumphant Christ from a failed Nazarene teacher.  This is the favorite spout of the infamous Jesus Seminar.  It has influenced so many people, including Christians, that a sturdy, aggressive defense of the Four Gospels is needed.  And, by God’s good direction, this writer has the first volume of defense called Their Own Best Defense on the market and ready to buy.  It doesn’t claim to be the perfect defense of the Gospels, but it’s at least a careful verse by verse study of every chronological Gospel’s text, surfacing evidence of its integrity as a record of Jesus.

A third rumor/Satanic lie about God is the favorite spout of mortals wanting an easy way to Heaven.  One only need die to get there.  You live, you die, you go to Heaven.  All that’s required is to live decently, hug your kids, kiss your wife, do a few good deeds, etc., etc., etc.

Anyone who believes that needs to carefully read Hebrews 10:26-31.  Ponder what the writer said.  Take it to heart.  Only Jesus Christ gets us into Heaven, and only if we accept his sacrifice for our sins and live as fruitful disciples.

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God – rules by his own rules

When God allowed Adam to eat of every tree but one in Eden, he meant exactly what he said.  Every tree could be used for food, EXCEPT the one tree.  That had to be avoided. Eve and Adam didn’t believe God.  They asserted their will against God.  They ate from the forbidden tree and immediately felt guilt by seeing each other’s nakedness.

Ironically, we live in a culture increasingly naked by reason of style, but really by reason of our moral depravity.  Let’s understand that there is no “go along to get along” with God.  His unilateral position and authority doesn’t permit compromise.  He’s an undivided, whole, complete unity within himself, Father, Son and Holy Spirit.  He brooks no rival and tolerates no opposition.

Spiritual militancy originates with God.  It’s as innate to his being as water to rain and heat to sun.  It’s his way or the highway that leads nowhere we want to be.

The meaning for us:  God doesn’t accommodate any views we have on sexuality, marriage, ethics or morality that contravene his.  He warned Adam of sure death if he ate the forbidden fruit.  He keeps warning us that we personally and our culture will perish if we persist in our anti-God behavior.  When God-in-the-flesh, walked the earth he also had not an ounce of “go along to get along” in him.   Spiritually militant from bark to core, he established his own way as the way to God, with himself as the entrance into Heaven.  We can hate his unilateral position, but we’ll never alter it.  We may seek an alternative, but we’ll never find it.  Surrender of all human opinions to God’s FACTS is the only way to peace with the Eternal Godhead.

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God – occupier, not invader

Early March, 1945, found vastly diminished German military capability.  It also revealed multiple German cities with devastated civilians crawling from ruins to placate hard-faced GI’s.  Many weren’t impressed by their show of repentance.  The Germans might paint over Nazi slogans on city walls, but that proved nothing to American Generals and Privates.

However, with the collapse of the German military, and the needs of civilians increasing exponentially, the U.S. Army immediately turned from fighters to care-givers.  (The difference between the Soviets and Americans/British became clear.  Once fighting diminished, Americans and British employed the noblese oblige characteristic of western armies at war.  The Russian army wreaked as much harm as possible on German soldiers, cities and women.)

Like modern National Guardsmen ordered into disaster areas, regular Army troops cleared streets, sealed broken windows, rebuilt electric grids, re-installed water plants and pipes and supervised paid German worker as they contributed to the clean-up.  Across the Rhine, 190.

Only under the most terrifying circumstances does God become our adversary.  When that happens, prayers don’t penetrate his presence, guidance from on High vanishes, hope disappears and tribulation falls.

Get ready, America.

Even then, if individuals SEEK God, he’ll be found.  If REPENTANT individuals pray, they’ll be heard.  If hopeless persons seek HOPE, the God of hope helps.  Whenever persons unconditionally surrender to God, he becomes their protector and provider.  Even as society collapses.  Christians, yield to him, trust him, love him.  He will be our surety against all change.

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God – ALONE the source of every virtue we treasure

A lady, known as a skilled artist, also served on the faculty of SDSU’s art department.  She also collected world-wide “folk art treasures.”  She died in 2013, leaving a multi-million dollar La Jolla mansion to a sole heir.  The collection not sent to Christies auction house sold at a gigantic estate sale.  Some of the proceeds will endow an artist-in-residence program.  San Diego U-T, 6/16/16.

The Union Tribune’ Night and Day Section, 6/16/16, highlighted the weekend Arts and Entertainment available to San Diego county residents.  No lack of opportunity exists to pass one’s time, spend one’s money and momentarily forget life’s stresses.

Another feature in the Union Tribune is the appearance of locals the editor feels worthy of publicity.  One of the questions asked of them is how they prefer to spend a weekend.  Except for a rare instance or two in all the interviews read, no one bothers with God and Church.

Humanism so thoroughly dominates American culture that God isn’t considered relevant.  We as a society lost faith in God before we looked to the arts and entertainment industry as the source of all virtues we consider worthwhile, including beauty, gentleness, creativity and insouciance.  Remember:  we lost faith in God before we turned to humanism.  We didn’t fall under its wicked spell because God was dead or even silent.  We simply didn’t want to hear him any more.  We had better ideas.

As a result, we have a field largely dominated by the homosexual lobby that demands acceptance of its lifestyle, and glorifies ANY KIND of lifestyle that rejects God in Christ.  Moslem terrorism has no answer.  It lashes out at sinners.  Only God in Christ has an answer.  It reaches out to sinners offering repentance and forgiveness, as I Corinthians 6:9-11 records.

I’m going to miss taking the U-T.  I glean many ideas for writing from it.  But it’s decidedly liberal editorial positions has convinced me it isn’t worth the money.  The entire paper has fallen far from its Union-Tribune days of 30 years ago.  I’ll have to dig into my files for blogs, illustrations and stories.  Aaaah…the burdens of being a writer.

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God – in. we must trust, Part III

David scrambled down the hill to the valley of Elah.  Across the swells he could see the living pillar of flesh 75 yards away.  They exchanged hard, shouted defiance.  Then the time for action came, David trusting in God, Goliath in his size.

In a sudden rage Goliath lumbered forward, expecting David to run for cover.  Instead David loped forward in a sweat of concentration, looking for his chance to hit Goliath with the stone snuggled in the sling.

Intending to terrify David, Goliath clanked and clanged onward in his armor, spear held aloft and cocked, ready to hurl, his voice booming across the plain, denouncing David, cursing God, shouting defiance to any who stood in his way.  On he came, a tank in human form to wreak his vengeance.  On he came, the miserable behemoth, to kill the king.

David calmly viewed the oncoming menace and saw the opening.  The giant had a defense everywhere except around his nose and lower forehead. David watched, Goliath continued his noisy approach, his eyes flaming, spittle forming on his beard as he alternately cursed and threatened mayhem.

Out of his lope David broke into a trot, heart pumping wildly.  His trot became a wind sprint covering the last twenty yards between them. And as he flew across the ground practiced hands armed the sling, pulled it aloft and at ten yards, as Goliath readied his spear to strike, David twirled his slingshot once, twice, thrice, then let it go….

Time stood still as David glided to Goliath’s right, and re‑armed to strike again.  Without need.  For the stone had almost instantly crashed into Goliath’s forehead.  Stopped in his tracks, he at first did nothing but look balefully at the youth, his wounded face a puzzled question, “What happened?”  David’s mocking stare tapped at his forehead.  Goliath pulled his eyes up to see a bump above his nose, instinctively reached to feel…and understood.  A pitiful moan fled his mouth.  His knees buckled, his unspent spear fell and he slowly, limb by limb, frame by frame, section by section collapsed into the dirt.

David quickly bent at Goliath’s side, whipped his sword from the scabbard and severed his head.  Holding the grisly trophy aloft, David waved it to Israel.  They burst into a guttural war hoop that terrified the Philistines, fleeing across the mountains and down to the seacoast towns, angry Israelite warriors pursuing unleashing vengeance to the very gates of Gath and Ekron.


Remember:  both David and Goliath had power.  Goliath represented the 10th century B.C. danger to Israel that 21st century A.D. nuclear-Iran poses to her.  Under ordinary circumstances he proved the invincible champion, armed-to-the-teeth, powered by the best this world had to offer.  No one on either mountaintop bet on David.


But…thank God for this…Goliath wasn’t fighting a boy, but the Living God. David repeatedly wound the two-stringed sling with a pouch.  But God released the one string that sent the stone like a guided IBM missile into Goliath’s brain, above his nose, below his helmet.  Since David’s God is now for us, who or what can successfully withstand us?  – Fini –

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