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Gospel – don’t tinker with the

This is from Reminisce Magazine, February/March 2016, p. 29.  A lady bought a small, strange-looking curved knife.  She interpreted it for her daughter as a grapefruit knife—now a common possession in kitchens.

Once home she put it on the counter to be washed.  Her husband, fresh off a fishing trip, saw the bent blade.  He took it to the garage, took the curve from it and tried to eliminate the teeth.  Only then did he ask his wife why she bought such a knife.

Manufacturers know what they have in mind when they design their products.  They have tested and refined them until they perfectly fit the purpose of their design.  The wise customer accepts the manufacturer’s use for the product.  Which usually works well with human inventions.

But when mortals read God’s word, they instinctively feel the need to tinker until they have made from it something more to their liking.  They can’t believe the Gospel works as God revealed it.  They have to change it, reshape it, bend it if straight, straighten it if bent.  Brush off the hard edges to make it palatable to people who don’t want to deny themselves.  Pare down tithing to whatever they feel comfortable giving.   Reduce the number of vices to be eliminated so people won’t feel so frustrated when retaining bad habits and attitudes.  Keep needed spiritual virtues to a minimum so people won’t get frustrated at having so few.

The state of Texas has a warning for litterbugs:  Don’t Mess With Texas.  God long ago warned us not to mess with his word.  Any change we make to it invariably reduces or perverts its meaning.  For the simple reason that God’s word is complete, final and Perfect.  Nothing we sinful mortals add to or subtract from it will ever improve it.

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