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Growth – new church increases existing congregation

In early 18th century England, as in every age—some things never change—people with financial means wanted better housing than they owned.  True to human nature in every age—again, some things never change—developers had already seen the potential in open land and built such housing.  To these new digs the financially-able moved.  However, the unexpected happened.  Homes in the vacated areas increased in value:  to the delight of homeowners and the chagrin of renters.

A spiritual principle of economics is involved.  As Proverbs 11:24-25 and II Corinthians 9:10-11 stress, those faithful in tithing and giving love offerings beyond find their ability to give more increasing.  For the simple reason that it’s impossible to decrease our store when we give to God.

A church-growth principle is also involved.  When churches are asked to finanaically-support organizations like Ignite, which starts new congregations throughout Chicagoland, they get involved.  But those same churches often reluctantly, if at all, recruit members of their congregation to become essential team members in new works.  Ministers need to understand the spiritual principle:  depleting their membership to encourage flourishing new churches increases the strength and membership of the giving church.  It never fails that God rouses new interest in new people within the congregation.

Again, we cannot decrease ourselves when we give people to God.  As Harvey Stokesberry (a Christian brother now with the Lord) used to say, “God’s shovel is bigger than ours.”  Amen.

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