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Habit – once begun…

When Philip V, King of Spain, sank into melancholia in 1736, nothing could retrieve him.  He stayed in his room, hunched in a corner.  He feared having anyone enter, thinking assassination.  He feared eating, thinking poison.

He finally refused to leave his bed to perform his personal toilette.  His wife Isabella exhausted herself seeking cures.  Nothing worked until she brought Farinelli, a famous castrato, to perform a concert in the palace.

Hearing the pleasing voice through an open door, Philip rose and looked for the source.  Isabella introduced Farinelli to the King, who promised him whatever he requested.  Having been prepared by the Queen, the soprano asked only that Philip would be shaved, dressed and appear before his council.

That request freed the King from his melancholia, but attracted him to Farinelli.  For the very next evening Philip wanted the same two songs sung.  So it continued, Durant wrote, for the next decade. Story of Civilization, X, 278.

Which offers a spiritual point.  Beware what habit you begin, thinking it alleviates stress, conflict or boredom.  You may lose them but at the expense of another source of dependence even harder to shake.  The one and only habit we can start, and continue consistently, continually and eternally, is the habit of believing in, trusting completely and living for Jesus Christ.  That habit attaches you to him in a “MUST HAVE” relationship that gives absolute freedom.

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