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Holy Spirit – Christ’s own surrogate

General Eisenhower wore himself nearly into a breakdown planning Overlord, the Allied invasion of Europe in 1944.  He gave the final order to GO at 04:30 Hours 5 June.  6 June, 06:30 Hours infantry hit Normandy’s beaches.

He went to his trailer at Southwick House once he gave the order to GO.  Before he rested, he took paper from a drawer and wrote what he never had to publish:  a statement to be released to the world should the landings fail.  The note absolved all but one person for the failure:  Dwight David Eisenhower.

However, think about the burden he continued to bear after giving the O.K. to attack Hitler’s Fortress Europe.  All the bright military minds leading the Allies had devised as good-as-could-be-done invasion of a still-powerful German presence.  And all that those bright, inventive minds could do was to leave the implementation of the order to GO in the hands of subordinate officers and everyday soldiers at the squad level.  San Diego U-T, 6/7/17

The very idea had to give all the Generals nervous pause.  Could ordinary officers and men implement the plan?  They could and they did, involved in a military Crusade.

When Jesus ordered his disciples to stay in Jerusalem until empowered by the Spirit’s baptism, Acts 1:4-5, he had no nervous tension and never wrinkled a brow in anxiety.  Because he left the oversight of the Kingdom to the third Person of the Godhead.  To this day the Holy Spirit retains oversight of God’s Kingdom.  And shall all the days yet come until Jesus returns to verify the victory he won Resurrection morning.

Had it not been for the Spirit’s personal involvement, the disciples-turned-apostles wouldn’t have written the flawless Four Gospels detailing the authentic ministry of Jesus.  Or the splendid Acts of the Apostles detailing the spread of Christianity from Jerusalem to Rome.  Or the stimulating Epistles which instruct to this day in Christian living.  Or the Revelation which expresses God’s Victory over all Satanic manifestations.

Jesus had no fears.  In the Holy Spirit he sent Someone Just Like Himself And The Father to supervise, direct, remind and empower godly men to establish Christianity in a hostile world.  To this day the Holy Spirit lives in the Word of God to teach lovers of God in Christ how to live, how to witness, how to be anxiety free and how to conquer Satan in a world still dedicated to hating God in Christ.  Shed no tears, Christians, thinking that Christianity fades away.  Set no date for a memorial service for Jesus Christ.  He is NOT DEAD, but LIVES and LIVES forever, King of Kings and Lord of Lords!

The Victory is won, Christians.  The War has been finalized, Christians.  Jesus has conquered, Christians. Rejoice!  Be Glad!  It takes only our faithfulness to him to secure our place in the Grand Review at the End. 

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