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Homosexual – lobby has specific goals

As the nation’s legislators debated into the 1850’s, concessions by Northern and Southern politicians maintained an uneasy equilibrium.  However, even with the compromises—the Compromise of 1850 hoping to settle the issue of slavery once for all—the South maintained the advantage.

Northern politicians eyed their Southern counterparts with increasing dismay and irritation, but surrendered convictions rather than sunder the Union.  In succeeding administrations Southerners held the majority of defining Secretary positions.  And always, without fail, the South demanded acceptance of SLAVERY.  In turn the Northern legislators held their noses and passed the Fugitive Slave Act, granting free Southern slave hunters access to northern villages and cities.

In short, slavery made impossible the concessions politics demands to function.  The North kept shelving its principles to keep peace with the South.  The last principle they needed to sacrifice was to make slavery legal.  That would allow the penitentiary culture the right to spread wherever slave-owners demanded.  But do not think even that surrender to the South would have silenced the Southern clamor. No…they would be satisfied only when the existence of slavery was considered normal and acceptable—both LEGAL and uncriticized.

At that point Northern legislator slammed on the brakes.  They had given every concession to keep peace between the sections.  They wouldn’t agree to make slavery legal in all the states.  That’s why slavery proved the immoderately non-negotiable cause of the Civil War.

All European nations, and particularly Sodom-tolerating America, have become embroiled in the homosexual controversy.  State after American state, country after country, island-nation after island-nation, have agreed to grant legal protection to homosexual relationships.

That’s but the beginning for the homosexual lobby.  They not only want their lifestyle accepted as normal.  They want no one to disagree with it.  They specifically want no preaching against it, not even in worship services of churches committed to Jesus Christ’s Lordship.  And, more arrogantly still, they want all churches that publicly object to homosexual as a deviate sexuality to become converts  to homosexuality.

True…support for gay marriage in America has grown from non-existent in the late 1980’s to a clear majority just 25 years later.  How the mighty have fallen!  True…fewer and fewer voices are raised against it in pulpits, if for no other reason than preachers have “more important issues” to discuss.  True…continued success by the lobby in states, nations, and individuals makes their effort seem invincible.  True…TOLERANCE is the popular call today, not only of homosexuality but of drug use, alcohol abuse, pre-marital sex, adultery in marriage, and of Islam as an equal religious faith.  Let and let live, we say.  What’s right for you may be disagreeable to me, but you have an equal right to your opinion.

Those who digress from God’s word find GOD…the Gibraltar of INVINCIBLE Truth confronting them.  God does not rule at our pleasure and will not abdicate his throne at our command.  Pity no one who thinks his ton of opinion weighs heavier than God’s ounce of fact.  God will never forsake his truth just so we can be justified with our lie.

God never said political opinions were final, or science ever arrives at truth.  He did say that his word is truth, is eternal truth, is immovable, unchangeable truth.  And we only shatter ourselves by hurling ourselves against it.  Indeed, after we have flung our opinions against it, his TRUTH falls on us, pulverizing us!

It took four years of bloody war, and 600,000 soldiers’ lives, to eliminate slavery from America.  Only Gospel preaching leading to repentance will conquer homosexuality in America.