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Humanism – mistakenly exalts man, Part II

In reading war histories, I’ve often noticed writers mourning the loss of novelists and poets in battle.  While little attention is paid to everyday people who also give their lives.

Why would the loss of novelists, poets and so forth in war be a greater tragedy than the average Joe or Jane’s?  What novel would be so original that another hadn’t already covered the subject?  What poem would be so striking that another hadn’t sung its song or rhymed its words?  What engineer or doctor or sociologist, etc., etc., would produce information and answer questions not available to others in their field?

Most troublesome, how can we offer each other such affection and loathe God in Christ?  To think mortals have more important instruction than God in his word?  Can we have such faith in ourselves and so little in the Bible?

Can we possibly think that humans—who live 40 or 70 or 90 years—have access to mysteries of pre-history, life-purpose and destinies beyond the grave that God’s word denies us?  That those majoring in the “arts” and “sciences” have insights known only to them?

Shall we continue mistaking everything humans think, do or produce as rivals and replacements of anything God says?  As Shen Yun foolishly advertised, art was linking heaven and earth.  That’s humanity’s view of life, death and the after-life.  It’s all a spectacle, theatrical, musical, color, leaping over life in great strides.  If we want it enough, and work hard enough to create life as we think it should be, IT IS.

IT ISN’T!  Any beauty, grace or hope we create for this world may not exist in the next world.  We don’t determine that.  And the beauty, peace, forgiveness, ecstasy God promises comes only in his world.  Never forget that.  – Finis –

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Humanism – mistakenly exalts man, Part I

Shen Yun is an extravaganza of dance, music and acrobatics. “Shen” means a divine being; “Yun” refers to one’s personal body language.  Therefore the combined terms mean “the beauty of heavenly beings dancing,”  Advertisement for Shen Yun, San Diego. Union-Tribune, 12/18/15.

Shen Yun has been praised as “5,000  years…in one night!”  New York Times.  “The Greatest of the Great!”, Christine Walevska, Cellist.  “I felt like I was in heaven,” Ms. Choi Yun ka, Korean dance artist.  “The ancient Chinese wisdom will benefit the whole world,” Ted Kavanau, CNN News.  Etc.  Etc. Etc.

In self-glorifying adulation, another ad declared, “The Arts Connect Heaven & Earth.”  That’s where they went too far.  It’s what promoters of the Arts, and the homosexual lobby, want us to think:  they, as creators of the arts, and what they create, replace our need of God in Christ.  They grudgingly accept medicine and technology as somewhat equal partners in displacing God, but the Arts lead the parade.  They determine the meaning of beauty, grace, peace and truth.

Sorry, would-be usurpers.  Genesis 28:10-21 has the Pre-Incarnate Christ appearing in a dream to Jacob.  Jesus stood at the top of a stairway between heaven to earth, while angels scaled the stairway up and down.  That was the house of God—BETH EL!

Some 1960 years later Jesus stood along the Jordan in Judea.  Making himself the fulfillment of Jacob’s experience, he told Nathanael that “you shall see heaven open and the angels of God ascending and descending on the Son of Man,” John 1:51.

As Jesus to Jacob illustrated, God communicated with humanity.  As Jesus to Nathanael proved, God’s Son, not merely God’s House, re-connected with humanity.  Jesus alone brought God down to us, John 3:13, even in ancient times and specifically in his Incarnation.  That leaves all Art as mere entertainment, not a spiritual experience.  More to come. – End Part I –

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