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Immigration – alarming facts about

A story in last week’s Union-Tribune revealed the alarming fact that at least 180,000 illegal aliens live in San Diego County.  Similar numbers in other counties country-wide prove the idiocy of immigration policies that have soared out of control since the 1980’s.

A quarter of those illegals own homes.  Question:  how did they get loans?  Seventy-seven percent of them are from Mexico.  One-half of the 180,000 speak little or poor English.  Most are 25 years and older, fertile child-bearing years.  And 80% of them are protected from deportation by inane Federal laws.

Consider some of the implications of these figures, not necessarily in order of importance.  First, we have sacrificed the rule of law for political correctness.  No society based on law can survive if it changes from its laws to political correctness.

Second, failing to protect our southern border from lawbreakers insults the immigrants who have come here legally and paid the price of becoming citizens.  How can liberal politicians disgrace law-abiding immigrants by giving equal rights to those who flout our laws?

Third, liberals have moved the problem from a rational to an emotional issue.  They clamor, “how can we punish innocent children, even those born in this country of illegal parents?”  We will never reach a rational decision so long as we make the issue emotional, based on what happens to innocent children.

The AIDS activists have made the same appeal when Bible-believers denounce homosexuality.  They say, “How can we condemn the homosexuals when children born to infected mothers are innocent?”  Idiocy surpasses stupidity in such responses.  The children born here of illegal immigrants have citizen’s rights.  But their parents do not.  And the parents need to “man up” to their illegal activity and take their children back home with them.

Interestingly, we never impose the “innocent children” argument when referencing the kids of alcoholics, drug addicts or criminals.  We understand that parental offenses against the law necessarily bring adversity to children.  Except when it comes to issues favored by liberals.  Then all rules must be changed.  Not likely!

Fourth, American policy continues to provide a safety-valve for the failed economics of successive Mexican governments.  Indeed, by allowing illegal immigration to thrive through the years, and now in increasing numbers, we have allowed Mexico to continue the corruption endemic to that society.  U.S. companies thought to plug some of the gaping holes in Mexico’s always-backward economy by transferring their operations there, hiring thousands of Mexican workers.  Which drained millions of dollars from our economy and employed thousands of Mexicans.  But it hasn’t kept endless streams of illegals crossing our border looking for the northern Eldorado.

Fifth, our cultural mania for tolerance overlooks the centuries-old myth of Roman Catholic integrity.  In every nation since its inception in the sixth century, the Catholic church has degraded, not uplifted, its people.  As in dominant Islam, poverty, ignorance and illiteracy have prospered wherever the Catholic church has been the dominant religion.  That’s because the Roman Catholic Curia sees its small oligarchy as the Church, with the major benefits accruing to them, not to the people.  The best example of difference between Protestantism and Catholicism is a Protestant-driven America being the desire of millions from Catholic-dominated countries.  Because Protestantism recognizes individual rights and Catholicism only subservience of the populous to a religious hierarchy.

In conclusion, so long as we reward illegal immigrants with benefits they do not deserve, and should not have, so long will the problem cancerously grow.  It will become The Issue demanding severe surgical decisions by our political leaders.  We cannot solve the problem by declaring all illegals here legal!  As this writer wrote when Congress passed the Amnesty Law under President Reagan, it was the worst possible decision.  I stated then that the continuing flow of illegal immigrants would necessitate further Amnesties.  To stop this insanity, anyone breaking the law by illegally entering our borders must be punished, not pampered.  They must be deported from our frontier and kept out.

That’s my opinion.  What do you think?