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Individual – importance of the

Solzhenitsyn told of a communist official who let his villagers bake bread when Stalin had forbidden it.  Arrested for his effrontery in disobeying rules, he was tried and shot.

An eight year old daughter survived him.  Barely.  Bludgeoned by his loss, she moped to school and all day at school.  When classmates teased her about her father’s death, she adamantly defended him as a good man.

When an old woman watched her walking, head down, sorrowing, she sensed her future.  By her obsession with the earth, the woman predicted, she would soon die.  Though never having been ill, she lived but a year after her father’s death.  In her death throes she kept wailing, “Where is my papa?  Give me my papa.”

Solzhenitsyn shrewdly wrote:  the millions Stalin killed—and they were multiple millions, whatever Hollywood and University effort to defend him—the millions reduce themselves to individuals.  The billions alive now, the billions having lived, began as individuals, even if twins or more.  And all of us came from two individuals!  Those who want to change the rules for our narcissistic generation fail to understand.  Had God not made marriage between a man and a woman, no reproduction would have been possible.  And just because lesbians and homosexuals want to merely adopt children since even they can’t change the rules of reproduction, they can’t change God’s original and only acceptable model of marriage.

God never forgets individuals.  He gives us names and particular giftedness.  None is ever lost in all the billions alive.  If we think of all the people in need we’ll be overwhelmed by the task of helping them.  Only when we stop to aid the individual who might cross our path can we see possibility.  It costs us nothing to think of humanity in the corporate.  Such figures defy personal computation.  But if we think of the millions as persons, it’s a lot easier to do something to help.