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Information – falsely named knowledge

Yes, we have more information than ever before.  Had I known 30 years ago I could have Judy find answers I needed on the internet, I wouldn’t have developed my killer-filing system.  Of course, the file contains what no internet can reveal.

In addition, while the information age has brought an overload of knowledge, has it made us any wiser, safer, obedient to God or committed to Jesus Christ?

Hasn’t the knowledge at best produced educated ignoramuses and learned ninnies who claim self-sufficiency for all human issues?  They’re proficient in perspectives, fulsome in insights and deep in opinions, but lack Biblical underpinnings that interpret it all.  Data overwhelms their brains like bits and pieces of information flooding a spymaster’s desk, without his skill in detecting trends, designs and aims.

Space exploration never takes us nearer to God, but to some ever farther distance to where we hope to find a superior life form.  The Bible’s available and open to all so we can find the Living God and the Christ he sent.  But they prefer to search inside themselves for some nebulous “Christ-within”, so they can be their own deity.

In their depravity they consider tolerance of all behavior, however fallen, if it only gives wrong the chance to be right.  Though rogue rulers, especially those religiously-based, are always liars and never trustworthy, they decide to believe they can be trusted.

Lost humanity finds itself suspended in webs of deceit they have spun.  Then blame God for letting them get into the trouble they insist on making by living according to their accumulated information, not God’s eternal wisdom in Christ.

In I Corinthians 2:12-16 Paul wrote that Christians reject the spirit of this age to live by the “Spirit who is from God.”  We speak words the Spirit of God teaches.  We declare “spiritual truths in spiritual words.”

On our own, directed only by our best intentions, we’d be just as ignorant as the unsaved, and just as anxious to hope we could finally get it all right.  But enlightened by God’s Spirit, we KNOW what to believe, how to live and why we have confidence.  We won’t apologize for being sure since our certainty is the gift of God in his Christ.

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