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Instructions – disregarding to one’s harm

Passenger ship Lusitania sailed from New York 2 ½ hours late.  That may have made no difference in her sinking six days later.  That she didn’t follow prescribed procedure when arriving in the recognized war zone may well have.

She received a sixth warning of German U-boats that morning, May 7, 1915.  She also received guidelines for sailing.  She ignored all four particular instructions.  When, about 1:30 p.m. U-20 shot a single torpedo, Lusitania sank in 18 minutes.  Perhaps…she would have been hit no matter the precautions taken.  By taking none of those prescribed she invited attack.  First World War, p. 157.

A lot of people dislike the Bible’s warnings of judgment to come.  They particularly dislike having Jesus issue such warnings.  They dislike vehemently his warning that Hell awaits those who disregard his threats of condemnation if he’s not obeyed.

Don’t blame the Teacher.  He’s left no doubt how we can avoid damnation.  And, if we take his advice, he promises we’ll certainly avoid being lost; indeed, that there’s not a chance we’ll be lost.

We can be wise and heed his teachings.  Or stupid and ignore them.  Under no circumstance will he have mercy on us if we have heard his threats and paid no attention.  Nor will he apologize for his demand of forgiveness or punishment.  We always suffer God’s justice when we refuse his mercy.  He accepts no responsibility for our sentence of doom if we have rejected his offer of justification by Jesus Christ.

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