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Intellect – the under-used factor in discipleship

In November, 2015, Governor Jerry Brown signed a law eliminating exit exams for high school graduates.  The exams had been necessary factors in California schools for years.  They emphasized command of basic English and math skills.  Once passed, the new law had school administrators scurrying to find many who hadn’t received a diploma by failing to pass the test.  San Diego U-T, 11/9/15

Education by attendance.  It doesn’t matter what you learn; just spend the time in class and you graduate.

We wouldn’t like to think that Adolf Hitler blazed any trail we follow today.  However, in Mein Kampf he demanded repeated emotional appeals, underscored with snappy slogans people would remember.  Reader’s Digest, Illustrated WWII, 89.  He also denigrated humanity’s intellectual capacity—leaving thinking to the few Nazi theorists!

But then, propaganda isn’t truth.  That’s why it must be emotional, not intellectual.  Jesus appealed to the intellect because he had truth to tell!  Many sermons today appeal to the emotions as if we have only fairy-tales to tell.

If we want an increasing ignorance of the Bible, no better way exists than to strum heart strings with sad or joyful stories.  If we want to create hunger for God’s word in Christians, let preachers get into the WORD on a systematic basis and—at least once a month—challenge listeners to think.  We’ll be surprised how interested people are when called to THINK about something they haven’t heard before from God.  An encouraging thought from scripture.  The crowds—peasants in Israel—grasped the meaning of Christ’s appeal to Moses to prove the resurrection Matthew 22:33.  People will listen when their gray-matter is stirred.  Most of them will be happy that someone gives them credit for having a brain.

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