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Intelligence – not equal to wisdom

A woman famous for answering questions from every corner of life, found herself cornered when someone asked what religion she considered correct.  She replied that she could “never answer” that question.  Parade Magazine, 12/25/16, p. 8

The one question all humanity needs to face and answer because everyone who lives dies and confronts God Almighty—and she had no answer?  Didn’t she have at least an opinion?  Or is she like so many people who consider themselves their own deity?  Has she already determined what will happen to her after death, whatever God thinks?

God has no mercy on anyone being his own deity.  Or anyone who wills to live as he pleases, according to his own dictates.  Or anyone who thinks one world at a time is all we can handle.  If another world exists after this one, we’ll have to face it when it comes.  Who comfort themselves with the illusion of endless second chances—called reincarnation—until they finally “get it right”—whatever it is that the fates determine is right.

Our sure mortality imposes the person of God on us, whether we stay within Biblical boundaries or try to make our own way after death.  We can will ourselves to live outside God’s word—as a man’s obituary recently noted he had.  No rules for him except as he made them, how he decided they applied to him and what limitations they imposed on him.  San Diego U-T, 12/18/16

No greater fool lives than the “self-made” man, making his own rules for living.  Who pretends that no nexus occurs between a life with choices and a future life determined by our present choices.  It’s just live, die and go on to “heaven”, wherever that is, whether it’s a nameless nirvana no one can speculate, or the obliteration that all animals face, since all humans are, after all, only animals.

Intelligence is never the equal of wisdom.  Psalm 14:1 leaves no doubt that to disbelieve in God makes one a fool—an empty-head.  Proverbs 1:7, 2:5-10, 3:5-7, I Corinthians 1:18-2:16 reveal God’s response to people who rely on their intelligence, not God’s word.  That leads people to study everything in life except God, because they consider God unknowable or irrelevant.

Yours for a life that reads God’s Word as absolute truth.  That listens carefully as we read so the Holy Spirit can teach us.  That responds by saying, “What God says, I believe, whoever disagrees.  For whatever he says is true, whatever opinion we may have.”


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