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Intolerance – by those supposedly open to diversity

World Magazine, February 8, 2014, quotes New York Governor Andrew Cuomo as saying his state has no use for extreme conservatives—those who are “right-to-life, pro-assault-weapon, anti-gay”.  If that quote is accurate, would the Governor please answer a question?  Whatever happened to the diversity that liberals have trumpeted as necessary to a free, full society, where all beliefs and behaviors are equal?  Or do they mean diversity SO LONG as it emphasizes only liberal-agenda issues?

If any conservative took the same position against liberal standards, what state of the Union would not be excoriated by the liberal press?  But where is the shock and dismay and disappointment with a Governor so prejudiced against beliefs opposite his that he wants them eliminated from his state?

If a conservative theologian expressed the same opinions about abortions and homosexuals, he’d be declared an intolerant fanatic.  Yet Cuomo’s extremity is merely an opinion.  Liberals never have been consistent.  They won’t start being consistent now, with all the evil they support and sponsor and demand to have accepted as normal behavior