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Investment – immensely costly, but even more richly rewards, Part II

The last blog emphasized the cost of discipleship.  This one stresses its rewards.  Consider three of many more.  First, the knowledge of the Living God and his Christ.  Appreciate the spiritual nexus between God’s word and everyday life.  Paul discussed it in I Corinthians 2:14-16.  We fathom truth from error and determine right from wrong.  We can therefore justly condemn behavior that contradicts God’s word.  And, while the unsaved despise the judgment of Christians, we won’t continue to share their ignorance just because they don’t want to acknowledge God’s truth.

Consider second:  we understand the meaning of Christ’s birth, not just the result of Christ’s birth.  Throughout December we’ll repeatedly hear that “this is the meaning of Christmas”, referring to any happy, warm, emotional response to human need.  These, and many like them, constitute the result of, not the meaning of Christ’s birth.  It had one meaning:  “….that God was reconciling the world to himself in Christ….”  II Corinthians 5:19.  Jesus rescued us from our lost spiritual estate and restored us to our original spiritual estate by dying on Calvary.  We won’t diminish that meaning for all the emotionally-charged results people delight in using instead.  We won’t let people who want to stay in their sins steal the freedom Jesus grants us from ours.

Consider third:  the pleasure of daily life in Christ that death merely enhances, never interrupts.  Our body may perish, but WE continue beyond the grave in the Master’s Presence.  His death and resurrection proved that the bottom of the grave isn’t soil, or stone or air, but the entrance into the everlasting life Jesus brought with him to Bethlehem.  To say nothing of the new body all believers will be given when Jesus returns.  Hallelujah!  – Finis –

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Investment – immensely costly, but even more richly rewarded, Part I

The brothers Manuel learned how to prospect in California.  In Deadwood, Dakota Territory, they put their knowledge to good use, discovering what they called the Homestake mine.  They made significant money from it, then sold it for $150,000 to a consortium.

That group of financiers, headed by George Hearst—yes THAT Hearst and the father of THAT Hearst—spent $650 million to dig and process the rock stubbornly holding the ore.  But not to worry.  Their company removed in excess of a billion dollars from the Black Hills.  Time-Life.  The Miners, 115, 188

Discipleship is like that.  We must pay the price of self-denial to be a Christian.  And unless we pay that price, we will NOT be his disciples.  Read Matthew 16:24-28 with that in mind.  This writer discusses the demand in detail in his third volume of Their Own Best Defense.

Preachers don’t want to discuss it for fear of offending people:  indeed, by drawing people by appeals to self-fulfillment, or music, or programs, or small groups—anything but Christ-likeness—they fear confronting them with Christ’s demands.  Listen to no one who pretends there’s no cost to being a Christian.  Salvation is by Grace, and therefore Free Ephesians 2:8-9; discipleship is by works and therefore at our Expense—Ephesians 2:10, Matthew 5:14-16.  Do not divide them as if they’re incompatible ideas; as if the first is true and the second is false.  They’re both equally important sides of the same currency.  Keep in mind and always in the forefront of your brain:  the price Jesus paid to save us is the price we pay to serve him.

– End Part I –

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