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Jews – persecution of in history directly results from disobeying God

As a New Testament Christian, I support efforts to evangelize Jews.  My wife and I have financially supported the effort of Jews for Jesus.  And in their literature, Jews for Jesus have been strictly Biblical in their approach to Jewish evangelism.

In their April 1, 2014 newsletter, however, Executive Director David Brickner mis-fired.  He denied the holocaust as God’s direct judgment on Israel.  He also, more directly, insisted that the holocaust had no basis in the teaching of Jesus.

I understand his approach is a means to disarm Jewish opposition to Christians trying to reach Jews.  For the Jews since 1932-1945 have equated being a Christian with being an anti-Semite.  (Which is a misnomer.  A lot of unpersecuted Semites live in the world.  Even Arabs as fellow Semites with the Jews, aren’t discriminated against.   Anti-Semitism is purely anti-Israel—and fellow Semites are egregiously guilty of engendering that hatred).

However, Biblical truth precedes all efforts at evangelism of sinners, especially Jewish sinners.  They have repeatedly, generation after generation, proven rebelliously unfaithful to God.  While I have no idea where Bro. Brickner derived his views, they didn’t originate in Scripture.

This writer has an article on the subject The Jews:  God-Killers, published in 1966 in the Christian Standard.  I re-read it in writing this blog.  While I would ADD relevant information to the article, I would SUBTACT nothing from it.  It contains the same truth now as then:  the generation of Jews that killed Jesus acted out the response of every generation of Jews towards God’s Word in his prophets.

If you want a copy of that article, send a self-addressed envelope to Virg Hurley, 3902-1 Vista Campana North, Oceanside, CA 92057.