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Judgment – a time of fear

It happened at this year’s Westminster Kennel Club Dog Show in New York City.  Holding her dog’s head erect, the little girl stood before the judge.  While the judge probed the dog’s frame—a layman’s opinion—the girl stared at her, attentive for some response.

The girl’s eyes, those all-important causeways from sight to Brain-Central, filled with fear, expectation and bewilderment.  Hopeful that the judge would be pleased; terrified she would discover something unacceptable; petulant against any possibility her pet could be less than perfect.  San Diego U-T, 2/14/17

Think of that little girl as an example of us when humanity gathers before the Great White Throne, those on the King’s right racing there to see and hear; those on his left driven there without their permission.  Then Jesus orders “the books” opened to angels.  Then each mortal is called by name and commanded “front and center,” every other looking on!  Then angels carefully and loudly read each person’s record.  Then, with each name called, search is made in the Book of Life for that person’s name.

Judgement Day will find every eye from every person drawn to and riveted on THE JUDGE.  And each person’s eyes will express whatever’s in his SOUL.  Let us be aware, however, a fluttering disquiet will hover over even the saved, tempered by hope.  But a quaking tremble will shake the unsaved, deepened by despair.  And no one, not even the saved, casual, carefree, certain, frivolous, self-confident.  Our humanity cannot stand there without some turbulence when facing Almighty God in his holiness and glory.


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Judgment – when Jesus decides

A young Al Jolson climbed the stairs without permission and entered his parents’ bedroom.  He found his mother:  sitting in bed, giving birth; dying in the effort; screaming at the top of her voice; looking directly at him; not seeing him through her pain.  He never forgot the shock.

When we appear before Jesus Christ:  at judgment; as everyone shall, none exempt; the unsaved weighed by his justice; the redeemed by his Grace; everyone drawn to his blazing eyes, by force or willingly; PRAY he will look AT US, not THROUGH US as if we’re not there.  PRAY he sees us as the PRESERVED, not as the REJECTED.  PRAY he says “welcome home”— and not “go away!”  The time to decide our eternal fate is now, while we can decide to accept Jesus.  For when Judgment arrives, we have no choice.  Jesus then decides whether we’re kept or discarded.

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New Apologetics book:  Their Own Best Defense, Volume 2, Part 1

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Judgment – prepare for

By the end of December, 1941, few in Singapore doubted that the British in Malaya had been defeated.  Singapore hospitals overflowed with wounded troops.

Brigadier Ivan Simson arrived in the city from a four-month tour of Malaya.  Traveling some 6000 miles examining defenses, he knew the fate of the entire peninsula, and the mind-numbing consequences for Singapore.

Yet, arriving late that night, he found General Percival indifferent to the cataclysm hovering beyond the horizon.  That’s when he realized why indifference characterized so many of the commanders and troops in Malaya.

Simson had urged upgrading the beach defenses in previous interviews with Percival, always finding him non-committal.  Now, that 26 December night, he forcefully reminded his Superior that Singapore had no defenses against the Japanese crossing mile-wide Johore Strait between Malaya and the capital.  He urged fortification of northern beaches; the need of reconnaissance; the necessity of building pillboxes, anti-tank obstructions and planting mines.  At first calm and rational, Simson became fervid with passion as he appealed to the Commander of all British troops in Malaya.  The men had to receive help to maintain their will to fight!

Unmoved, Percival disagreed.  When Simson, forgetting his subordinate role, asked WHY, Percival said that building military defenses would be bad for troop and civilian morale.  Reader’s Digest, Illustrated Story of WWII, 44.

Such blindness, out-of-touch with reality responses should never afflict military leaders in war.  With Japanese troops bulldozing their way directly and invincibly at his island fortress, Percival thought of “morale.”

Are ministers today so concerned about the “happiness” of their congregations they don’t confront them with God’s judgment?  Are we to be so afraid of disrupting our people’s “morale” that we don’t urge them to “prepare to meet your God”?  With so many signs of God’s judgment coming, arriving, at hand, ready to fall?  Shouldn’t God’s preachers be aware of the danger facing our country?  Shouldn’t we be alert to our first responsibility:  preparing our people to face Jesus Christ at judgment?  Shouldn’t we get at least as passionate about that certainty as we are when raising our budgets and recruiting interest in our programs?

Remember the parting words of Brigadier Simson to his military commander:  it would be much harder on morale once citizens saw Japanese troops disembarking on Singapore beaches.   Let us remember:  if we provide all kinds of teaching to keep our people happy, involved, attending, but don’t prepare them to meet God, they won’t have any morale or happiness ever again, world without end.  What will they think of us then?

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Judgment – God’s warnings of

The Florida resort villa that collapsed overnight August 12, 2013, hosted 105 guests who made a hurried evacuation before total collapse buried them in the 100 foot-deep sinkhole.  A security guard had just reported for duty at 10:30 pm when a guest alerted him to windows being blown from his room.  He called management, and they ordered immediate evacuation.  The guard raced up and down three flights of stairs awakening sleeping guests and ordering them out.  One couple had to break a window to exit since their door had jammed.

The warning signs came as windows breaking and popping, the ground shaking, water gushing and explosions that sounded like rolling thunder.  Everyone survived by heeding the warnings of the security guard and the noises that preceded break-up.  San Diego Union-Tribune, 8/13/13

Every circumstance of life warns us of judgment to come.  A few of many are:  our own judicial system that punishes evil-doers for anti-social behavior (however weakly in many instances); mortuaries and cemeteries that house the bodies of flown spirits; hospitals and nursing homes that minister to frail and dying people; and our sense of personal mortality.  We may get thinner or heavier, shorter or taller, but we never get younger.  Then there are Biblical examples of individuals and nations serving their time, then being punished:  Saul, Nineveh, false prophet Hananiah, Babylon, Ancient Rome, Communism, Nazi Germany and Osama Bin Laden.

As those menacing sounds in a collapsing building warned residents to flee, the above are a few examples of coming judgment at Almighty God’s tribunal.  We can’t escape it; it will come, sooner or later.  Will we be ready for it?  Jesus can forgive our sins and prepare us—if we’re wise and humble enough to accept him as Lord and Savior.