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Kingdom – God’s always has the same Power source

The United States Navy has floated its warships by Sail, Coal, Oil and Nuclear energy.  As the Great Green Fleet left San Diego, Wednesday, January 20, 2016, it had Biofuel as its energy source.  The four ships sailed with a mix of 90% diesel and 10% fuel from beef fat.

The experiment isn’t without controversy:  from the perspective of cost—it’s considerably more expensive at present than straight oil costs; from the perspective of political correctness—the liberal environmental lobby never stops pushing its agenda in all directions.

The spiritual lesson is the eternal, unchanging energy source from which the Kingdom of God originates and on which it continues to function in history.  The same Almighty God works through the same Power and Message generation to generation, however different his servants are.

In II Kings 2:13-14, God’s prophet Elijah vanished in the explosive flames of horses and chariots, leaving his mantle for Elisha to wear.  He carried it back to the Jordan, rolled it up and struck the river, calling on God to divide it as he had for Elijah.  God divided the river.

Same God.  Same Power source.  Different servant.   The Holy Spirit of God then and now works through the word of God to carry the message of God through the generations until the end of time.  What greater privilege can a mortal have than studying, writing, teaching and preaching that eternal WORD through God’s eternal SPIRIT?

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