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Leader – follow the right.

Judy and I shopped at the Escondido Walmart Tuesday; she to look for thread and I to tag along and, well, see her pay.  Our first time ever in the store, we walked about half-way through looking for, without seeing signs of, the necessary department.

We finally saw a manger/associate manager who promised to guide us there.  Off he went leading, we following.  On ahead he went south-eastward in the store, apparently guiding us.  After getting well east, he admitted he didn’t know the way and asked an employee for directions to dry goods.

The second man led us back the way we came, past the place we had first encountered the manager and beyond it to the far northwest corner of the store.  THERE it was, and Judy purchased two balls of colorful crochet thread.

Exchange uninformed  for blind, and we experienced the words of Jesus, “If a blind man leads a blind man, both will fall into a pit” Matthew 15:14c.  We didn’t know the store departments; obviously, the manager didn’t know the location of the sewing department.

Which teaches a spiritual lesson.  Lots of people follow religious leaders who promise a sure way to God.  The trouble is:  they don’t know the way to God and can’t lead others there.  They think to find him in any direction they walk, in any doctrine they teach, in any lifestyle they feel comfortable embracing.  AND, importantly, they always go as far as possible from the Biblical Almighty God and his equally formidable Almighty Son.

Like our experience in Walmart, followers of false religious teachers lead them from, not to God.  For whenever those leaders seek God any place but in the Bible, and his final revelation in anyone but Jesus Christ, he’ll never be found by them and they’ll always lead the opposite of where God is.  Read Matthew 15:1-20, particularly the context of verses 12-14.  Jesus said what he meant and meant what he said.  His half-brother James remembered these words—or, more likely, the Holy Spirit refreshed his memory of them.  Read James 3:1-13, especially verses 1-2.  The warning offers no excuse to abstain from teaching.  It does caution all teachers to emphasize only the Biblical teaching of God the Father, God the Son and God the Holy Spirit.

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