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Lie – when a lie isn’t really a .

It’s when A.J. Preller, San Diego Padres General Manager, engineers a trade that deals an injured player as a healthy one.  When news broke that Major League Baseball had suspended Preller without pay for 30 days—30 whole days!—the G.M and Padres management went into damage control.  While Preller was admittedly guilty of “inexcusable” falsehood, the Organzation said, he didn’t mean to “mislead” other clubs.

 Tell that to G.M.’s of other clubs!

 Preller’s response was equally unbelievable.  He said the experience had been “a learning process” for him.  Wait a minute.  If basic honesty requires a learning curve in a 30-something man, especially in a position of trust, he shouldn’t be in that position!  San Diego U-T, 9/16/16

 But go deeper into this wicked situation.  It’s more of the same, “I’m not to blame,” “You’re not to blame,” “No one’s to blame,” non-ethics saturating American culture.  The rule of thumb today in personal relationships, work-place responsibility and spiritual accountability is:  get away with as much as you can as long as you can.  If you’re accused, indicted or suspended for wrongdoing, plead that “you didn’t mean to harm anyone” and “it’s a learning experience” for you.

 Both statements are inexcusably self-serving justifications, however much its the mood of the moment.  But remember this:  when bad behavior isn’t really wrong, has no intention to harm others, or brings no accountablity to the wrong doer, we are baby steps from “every behavior is equally acceptable; and no one can criticize anyone!”  Since culture is already in that stage, the next step is Judgment.

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Lie – Satan’s most flagrant

Steamship Arabia sank into the muddy Missouri River September 5, 1856 after a submerged tree punctured its hull.  In 1988 an enterprising family found the ship and removed the freight aboard.  In one of their earliest discoveries they found the skeleton of a mule, still saddled, bridled, and tied to a piece of equipment.  The mule’s owner told a newspaper reporter at the time that he had unsuccessfully tried to get the beast to follow him off the boat.  The man obviously, and for his own reasons, lied.  Who would have thought it would take 132 years for strangers to reveal the lie?  Treasure In a Cornfield, 71

Satan has repeatedly lied to humanity through the centuries, with unaccountable success.  His biggest lie has been that humanity doesn’t need God.  He told it first to Eve, then to every person in every generation since.  Her incredible naïveté established the model each generation in turn followed:  “the serpent deceived me” Genesis 3:13.

The experience of A Woman in Berlin, pages 225-226, unmasked Satan’s lie.  She endured the shocking aftermath of Soviet troops bulldozing their way into Berlin in May, 1945.  She and perhaps 100,000 Berlin females, and perhaps 2 million of them all over Germany, were raped by the Russians, sometimes repeatedly by groups.  In desperation, she and other women intentionally made alliances with Russian officers to escape indiscriminate sexual assaults.  Which made them feel guilty of prostitution, hiring their bodies for food and protection.

After weeks of never knowing how safe they were, or what danger still threatened, an uneasy military order offered possible security.  One evening after a hard day’s work, she relaxed with friends over the little food available.  A bath, a clean dress, a quiet evening gave some surcease to her disquieted soul.

But not quite.  A spiritual emptiness greater than any physical or social need suddenly  clamored for attention.  She and others in her friendship-circle needed to feel whole again, and brought once more into the mainstream of life.  Their thirsty souls longed for what she said the Catholic Church called “manna for the soul.”  She decided to attend a church the first Sunday she had free to see if they had “manna” to spare.

Lies continue to be told everyday, by politicians, promoters and preachers.  But Satan’s lies attack where we’re most vulnerable:  he tells us we don’t need God.  We most certainly do.  We desiccate spiritually without him.  And sooner or later, under the right stimulus or need, some time or the other—in a quiet time or in a noisy crowd—the awareness of our lost humanity moves like an eclipse across our thoughts—and the God who till then has been a stranger suddenly becomes our desire.

Count on it.  When our hope sufficiently weakens.  When our self-confidence sufficiently erodes.  When our boasting sufficiently depresses us.  When our life gets sufficiently despondent.  When our sin sufficiently burdens…God will be the alternative we seek, however many times we have discarded him as irrelevant.  Only he can restore the wholeness we lost by eliminating him.  Only he can expose the false fronts in which we’ve taken refuge hiding from him.