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Lies – told, lived and believed, but still wrong

A San Diego Union Tribune opinion-editor had it altogether and egregiously wrong.  He said that The Sopranos, the entirely depraved, profane and godless TV series that’s thankfully gone, changed TV history by not leaving the series tidy and complete, with virtue winning over vice.  The editor applauded the “realism” of the Sopranos. He called the non-conclusion thoughtful and reflective.  San Diego U-T, 6/12/17

The Union-Tribune editor is a fool, but he has many compatriots.  They want us to think that just because we determine non-conclusion to the battle between good and evil, no conclusion exists.  As if God doesn’t exist.  He does!  As if God’s word doesn’t damn Satan and wickedness to Hell.  He does!

“The wicked freely strut about when what is vile is honored among men” Psalm 12:8.  That’s our depraved culture.  Just because we think wickedness is as good as righteousness, it is.  But it isn’t.  It can never be.  God eventually eliminates all wickedness and the wicked who preen themselves as models of a new morality, a changed culture, a brave new world.

Count on it.  The editorial reflects what’s happening in society.  Since we see as much bad as good in public venues—there has always been BAD in private, but ashamed to show its face—we think a tenuous balance suddenly exists.  “Times have changed.  So has morality.”  Evil seems so strong that Biblical morality lies on its death bed while evil runs the streets.

The homosexuals paraded in force all over the country this past week-end, promoting their depravity.  But their advocacy of it, and society’s acceptance of it, won’t make it Right.  It won’t weaken God’s denunciation of it and its eventual destruction.

Let this trend continue and society will soon feel that wickedness is equal to righteousness.  As good as righteousness.  An equal player in the field of human endeavor.  Which is only a baby step from saying that evil is better than righteousness and we shouldn’t be bound by any restraints.  Then we’re in God’s bulls-eye, repeating the horrifying sin of Genesis 6:5, 11.  And no one will like the consequences when that happens.

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