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Loyalty – to Jesus necessary in disciples

The night of President Lincoln’s re-election, Ward Hill Lamon, who often served as Lincoln’s security, visited John Hay, one of the President’s private secretaries.  They talked of this and that before Lamon decided to leave.

Hay offered him a bed, but Lamon refused.  He instead took a glass of whiskey, and went out to the President’s door.  Rolling himself in his cloak and Hay’s blankets, and armed with pistols and bowie knives, he passed the remainder of the night on duty, protecting the man he loved.  The War Years IV, 586

Hay called it an “attitude of touching and dumb fidelity.”  Why not call it intense personal loyalty? 

Eleven of the Twelve disciples felt just such loyalty to Jesus:  just such allegiance; just such faith.  To him they gave themselves unreservedly.  They believed in HIM:  even when they didn’t understand him; even when he said and did things that bewildered them; even when they wondered how he could ever have chosen Them!

Can we say we BELIEVE in Jesus Christ as God’s Son and our Savior and Lord?  Whatever happens?  Whoever disagrees?  Despite any price we have to pay to be his?  Do we commit ourselves to him knowing we can never be wrong because he’s always right?

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