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Maturity – is knowing we’re old enough to know better

In the cartoon Family Circus, little Billy is scolded by his mother with the sharp reprimand, “You’re old enough to know better.”  How many times in our beginning years did we hear that refrain from mom or dad; how many times did we repeat it to our own kids—and they to theirs?

Billy’s answer was realistic for a child.  “How was I supposed to know I’m old enough to know better?”  San Diego Union Tribune, 2/25/14.

Good question.  We should “know better” than say or do certain things, but do we know we’re old enough to know better?  Sometimes, no matter how old we get, we never learn better.

Christian maturity may not eliminate Billy’s question when we’re reproved by the Holy Spirit in scripture.  It may help us to develop to a point where we DO know we’re old enough to know better—and…secure in the knowledge, doing it!  Here’s to a discipleship that admits were babies crawling…but always towards the high calling of God in Christ Jesus Philippians 3:14.