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Medicine – monsters in disguised as Doctors

Twins had the misfortune to fall into the hands of Dr. Josef Mengele at Auschwitz-Birkenau.  Many died from brutal medical experiments contrived by satanists claiming to be doctors.  Thralls of a master-race fallacy, they hoped to build super-people from normal mortals.

From approximately 1500 sets of twins—3000 individuals—fewer than 200 survived the tortures inflicted.  One twin suffered from the experiments with the other kept as a control for comparison.  Those active in the injections, surgeries, infliction of wounds, experimental treatments, etc., sometimes survived; those in the comparison group died.  But memories that never weakened with the passing of years remained to haunt survivors with nightmares.  With a callous disregard for both twins, chief monster Mengele as carefully protected them as essential to his research—but only so long as he needed them.  They received medical care, and extra food rations until their usefulness expired; then so did their life.  San Diego U-T, 4/14-91

Jesus spoke of religious monsters—wolves in sheep’s clothing he called them—who preyed on unsuspecting innocents.  “Sheep in sheep’s clothing” critics called appeasers of Hitler in WWII.  Both groups remain extant in a long line of imposters.  Both casually dismiss the historical Jesus as essential to the Christian Faith, then introduce their twisted substitutes as reasons the church can be a moral force in battling poverty, sickness, warfare, etc.  Christians should despise the “sheep in sheep’s” clothing, who want to minimize the tough truths Jesus Christ taught.  The appeasers stress the cuddly softness of the Savior’s embrace—the “experience” with Jesus they consider the epitome of the religious life.  They eschew the terrible swift sword unsheathed and slashing from his side.  Christians should also despise the revisionists who emasculate the Gospels of the Roaring Lion of Judah into a kitten mewing.  They revise Scripture to make  themselves powerful and Jesus anemic.  Have no mercy on them since they revile the historic Christ of the Gospels.

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