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Minds – healthy and other kinds

Herbert Philbrick served as undercover agent of the F.B.I. in post-WWII America.  Wanting to protect his mind from the constant barrage of Communist dogma—its negativism, mistrust, hatred—he regularly attended church services.  His communist supervisors gladly backed his habit.  They needed the appearance of Philbrick being a regular American while serving Stalin.  He needed the substance healthy Christian minds provided him while he seemed to be a dedicated Communist.

Which reminds me that Edward Albee died this past week.  He’s the playwright who penned the immoral sewage known as “Who’s Afraid of Virginia Woolf?”  Tennessee Williams, dyed in the same immorality characterizing Albee, wrote such gutter-level plays as “Street Car Named Desire.”

Both wrote to exorcize personal demons.  Both wrote to justify their rejection of God.  Both wrote dark tales of the unconverted’s struggles with life.  Williams revealed his refusal to accept Christ and his inability to free himself from Christ’s Presence.  Albee considered God and Christ of so little value they could only be used in profanity. San Diego U-T, 9/17/16

Anyone reading and believing the two playwrights never felt spiritually uplifted; never loved people more; never felt compassion for unfortunate people.  And, while expert in describing life without God in glaring terms, never had the ability or desire to make life better.

How drastically upgrading the life of Jesus Christ proved while he lived among us; and how continually upgraded those are who read his word.  Albee had no use for marriage and religious faith, shown in his barbed wit and vulgarity.  Williams scorned traditional mores in favor of his tormented lifestyle.  Jesus Christ came as God in the Flesh to love humanity and gave his life to forgive sinners.  His uplifting life, teachings, miracles, sacrifice and resurrection gave HOPE to billions.  What did Albee or Williams leave anyone but cynicism, despair, godlessness, fear and rancor?

The works of the playwrights appeal only to those bereft of Jesus Christ’s grace—and to scribblers only as examples of what NO ONE sets out to be when he’s born.  But…to be like Jesus Christ!  Everyone’s hope, whether we accept or reject him.  To have his healthy mind and ideas.  To care for others as he did.  To be as personable and social as he was, at peace with God as God and welcoming all mortals who came for help.

The impact of the person on himself is enough evidence to ignore the Albee’s and Williams’s.  The impact they had on others is double the reason they should be ignored by anyone seeking Positive examples and Deep hope.

But to see the impact Jesus had within himself:  the praying rabbi; the Loving-God rabbi; the compassionate teacher of mortals-rabbi; the self-sacrificing rabbi-Savior.  All distinguish him as the one teacher in history whose lessons are worth learning and living by, whose example is worth emulating, whose very resurrected presence is now so delightful, whose glorified presence is so enchanting for life beyond the grave after history is finalized.  Yours for a life enriched now by Jesus and glorified in the world to come.

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