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Moment – priceless

The event:  a Saudi father greeting his family on his arrival at Dulles International in D.C.  The paper:  a picture in the San Diego U-T published 6-27-17.

The picture revealed a man with five kids and a wife awaiting him.  Two older siblings stood to his right awaiting their turn to greet him—or perhaps had already done so.  A boy a little younger stood in his embrace.  A smaller girl to his left reached her arms out part-way towards him.  But the little guy—Judy says he may be 1 ½ to 2 years old—stole the show.  In his mother’s arms, he extends his little arms towards dad and, smiling, wants his embrace.  Such scenes have been repeated in San Diego hundreds of time; the wife waits in the background, letting the kids have initial contact.  Any Navy, Marine or Air Force wife with kids understands.

We may say the scene was posed, though it hardly seemed so.  We may even say that someone seeking a look at a pacific Moslem family caught the perfect moment.  Though the scene defies a photo-op.  One person in the scene couldn’t be posed:  the little 1 ½-2 year old boy’s look and his eager outstretched arms.  The entire scene reveals a father who loved his kids so much they naturally loved him back.  Perhaps the others could have posed for the shot.  But the little boy’s reaction was pure reality and nothing illusory.  Pure spontaneity, nothing planned.  It was about FAMILY.  The kind of affection felt by all to all.  Everyone anxious to give and receive it.

It did suggest some spiritual principles.  When was the last time we so acknowledged our desire for God that we reached out to hold and be embraced by him?  When was the last time we couldn’t wait to pray, so we could meet our Father in Heaven one on one?  Or sing a song of consecration to the Savior?  Or tell someone about Christ’s love for them?  When was the last time our appreciation of God’s kindness, mercy and forgiveness roused us to read his word for instruction?  When was the last time we wished he would soon come back on clouds to take us home?  When was the last time we sought Jesus so desperately we thought of nothing else?  Has there been a first for any of these?

To put another way:  if Jesus Christ were to suddenly appear in person before us, what would our reaction to him be?

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