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Wage –a critique of the gigantic spike in

Seattle has raised its minimum wage to $15 an hour, an unthinkable union-backed appeal among unskilled workers a few years ago.  The City Council of San Diego is debating this week, June 9 to June 13, raising the wage to $13.09 an hour.  Only a bureaucratic mind could derive that strange figure.

Remember, this wage is for non-skilled, entry-level positions.  By the very definition, entry-level means “learning to work”—a neophyte, often incompetent, not a journeyman employee.

Such entry-level work is ideal for the children of families wanting work experience and spending money; learning responsibility while correctly taking orders; making change;  developing interpersonal skills.  But if the children of families decide to be families with children, is that any call for us to support immaturity and immorality by boosting such a raise?

As has been seen in Detroit, Stockton, San Diego, Illinois, and California, Unionism and liberalism work hand-in-glove to gain benefits without demanding accountability.  But are the American people so economically simple that they will allow this Union-driven madness to continue?

Come to think of it, however, and with a different perspective, if this silliness proliferates into other states, the higher hourly wage will summon to the part-time positions mature adults with a work ethic no child has, expertise in employment gained only by experience and interpersonal skills beyond immaturity.  When that happens, where will thousands of kids be?  They will find themselves on the streets, victims of dreams beyond their competence.

That’s my opinion; what’s yours?