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Need – meeting the first priority

It happened in Florida.  A doctor fell from his golf cart and hit his head so hard he almost bit off his tongue.  (He had a more fortunate fall than a golfer at a Fallbrook, California course.  For some reason his cart ran away with him and plummeted down a 50 foot embankment to the road below.  D.O.A.)   Anyway, our Florida doctor was rushed to emergency in the very hospital where he had been a surgeon for 30 years.  Nevertheless, they wouldn’t admit him without “cash or appropriate credit documents.”  He couldn’t believe it.  After some lusty screaming, despite his wound, he finally was admitted for “treatment”—which meant an X-ray of the wrong arm and being prepped for an electrocardiogram that no one administered.  San Diego Union, 3/3/84

It would be hilarious if the incompetence then uncommon didn’t portend the incompetence in health care today, which has multiplied under Obama’s liberal idealism.  And the lack of concern for people has become a rule in some hospitals.  Avarice causes it.  The government pays so much money for Medicare and Medicaid that many doctors and hospitals refuse to treat anyone without cash, credit or insurance.  Make sure he can pay before you help; cash or just go ahead and die!

How differently when we approach our Divine Doctor for spiritual healing.  He subordinates our need to nothing save grace and mercy.  He addresses that need above all and ministers to it immediately, knowing full well some won’t pay him the debt of gratitude owed and won’t keep the promises they’ve made when seeking help.  He helps from the depths of his love.  If his disciples are true to Christ, need is what they also must see.  And ministering to it is all they can have on their mind:  not gain or fame or what it costs them