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Orders – late arriving; ignored when read

March 6, 1892.  Navy Secretary Gideon Welles, whose mistake led to the Confederacy building the ironclad Virginia/Merrimac, decided to change orders to the USS Monitor, sailing from New York.  At General McClellan’s urging he wanted the Monitor in Washington, not as previously ordered, Hampton Roads, Virginia.

Fortunately, saving Welles from his own irresponsibility, the ironclad had been gone two hours when the new instructions arrived.  On Saturday evening, March 8, 1862, Monitor anchored in Hampton Roads beside the USS Roanoke.  Captain Worden learned of the Merrimac’s destructive foray among Union ships.  He also learned of Welles’ order to take his ship to Washington, not Hampton Roads.  Repeated telegrams underscored the order.

Nevertheless, Commodore Marston, commanding officer, ignored Welles’ command.  He insisted that the Monitor had to stay where it had steamed.  The crisis was in Hampton Roads, and Marston refused to let out-of-date orders deter him.  He and Worden agreed.  And, after sending telegrams to Welles, Worden returned to his ship and prepared to encounter the Merrimac the next day.

Absorbing such experiences in his military career, General James Gavin insisted that military leaders needed to be on site when battles were fought.  Only then would they qualify to issue relevant, up-to-date orders to their troops.

Jesus always served on the front lines when contesting Satan.  He pulled in the other yoke when calling his disciples to work.  His instructions always had up-to-date information.  When he calls us to work, he’ll always send us to the right place, at the right time.  He knows all the possibilities, decisions and circumstances involved.  He’s always relevant because his sovereignty can’t be removed.

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