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Politics – and business

A recent news article noted that Iran now follows a two-track policy.  One is its continued military aggression in the Middle East, led by their generals in Syria; using the Shiite militia in Iraq; sending arms to rebels in Yemen and other likely places.  Two is waving dollar signs at western businesses; welcoming western investments and tourists; creating phone and internet links with the West; even relaxing minor social restrictions on their own people. San Diego U-T, 10/26/16

Not knowing truth from lies, they falsely claim that their contradictory policies replicate what America has historically done.  In reality, the short-sighted agreement Obama brokered with Iran fueled the policy’s establishment.

However, understanding the economy-based interests of America, Iran knows it needs only to offer business agreements to distract us from its hatred of us and its political wickedness.  They need only trade their apparent friendship for our technical and economic advantages.  They know we’re fools once seeing dollar bills, especially when we see them counted by the multiple millions.

Such agreements have well-served us when establishing quid pro quo with partners with whom we share values:  America with Britain, Canada, Germany and liberated Eastern European countries offer advantages to both partners.  But the West, led by America, doesn’t have shared values with Iran.  We’re estranged by irreconcilably different religious systems.

Christians tolerate all beliefs in all people—even Moslems—because we have absolute confidence in Jesus Christ as God in the Flesh.  Iranians can never tolerate differing religious faiths in their country—no Moslem society can—because it has an inbred inferiority to Judaism and Christianity.  We say, “Let Christian and Jewish belief be laid beside Islam’s, and let the better Faith win.”  Iran’s leadership shouts that the “Great Satan—America—and her Little Satan Partner—Israel—have to be destroyed.”  How can such diametrically different approaches to religious faith, leading to different political decisions, ever establish harmony in a mutually-profitable business agreement?

Anyone unaware of reality, thinking common ground exists between Western democracies and Islamic authoritarianism, needs education.  Only the hard facts of experience will convince them—if even then.  The Iranians depend on Western somnolence of their true nature to continue pursuing their two-track policy.  Since it’s basically a spiritual, not an economic or political issue, don’t count on any conservative republican seeing it and knowing what to do.  And don’t ever plan on any liberal democratic to see and know.

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Politics – concerned with appearances

The California Assembly has voted August as Islam Appreciation month.  Greater depths of stupidity will continue to be plumbed in our state so long as liberal Democrats control the legislature.  Political correctness, not objective truth, will always be more important to those without faith in God’s absolutes.

Consider why such a law is baseless and useless.  First, what religion has the California Assembly ever taken time to publicly appreciate?   If they’ve ever been in the appreciation mode, why didn’t it recognize the contributions of Moses to the laws we even now observe?  Or those of Jesus Christ whose Sermon on the Mount is the basis of national ethics?

Second, in a nation that resolutely refuses to have Jesus Christ’s name mentioned in public, how can California legislators inanely join “church and state” by recognizing Islam as worthy of appreciation?  How can they callously refuse any public recognition of Jesus Christ, then as flagrantly, recognize an anti-Christian faith?

Third, with anti-Israel animosity so strong in America and Europe, why has no state Assembly voted to counter-act it with Jewish Appreciation month?  Jewish contribution to American medicine, arts, scholarship and business certainly eclipses the very few contributions of Moslems.  In reality, what religion worth its place in society needs or wants governmental approval of its existence?

Fourth, why would they consider Islam worthy of appreciation when, as a religion, it:  Hates America and all we hold dear; Hates Israel and wants it eliminated; Considers women as chattels; (were there no female voices in Sacramento protesting that egregious wrong?, or is sexism a sin only if conservatives embrace it?); Creates a natural poverty among most of its people by letting a small minority control most of the wealth; and gives literacy for a few, and many of those learning Koranic hatred of America; Encourages Moslems in America to remain isolated among their own kind.  The one national leader who would consider passing such nonsense is the same whose company Christ-loving Christians don’t want to keep.

Californians, when will you have enough of a savagely-liberal legislature that seeks to honor what God abhors, and refuses to honor what God loves?

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