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Polygenesis – not applicable to Jesus

A process folklorists call polygenesis—many beginnings—says that the same general information, ideas or means of communicating can arise in separate places independently.  Invention of the telephone is an example.  Two patents were filed the same day for the phone.  Since Alexander Graham Bell filed his first, his name became synonymous with the telephone.  Introduction Aseop’s Fables, xxi.

Some people and their ideas exist by themselves, however, the original person begetting the idea.  Jesus Christ and Grace are such.  Law came through Moses, with God’s Truth its essence.  But Truth existing in Grace came only through Jesus.  Whatever world religionists and liberal deniers of Biblical reality may speculate, no one anywhere in history has ever been like Jesus.  And if in heathen religions someone like him in some way is speculated, it’s only supposition, as in philosophy; or imagination, as in poetry; or in hope, or desire, or Satan’s machinations.  Because Jesus is real, Satan substitutes his infamous imitations to deceive the uninformed and misinformed.  If Jesus hadn’t been REAL, Satan wouldn’t have been so industrious.

Truth in Grace; Grace embodying Truth; Truth Gracefully taught and lived.  All are found in Jesus Christ alone.  You have better things to do with your time.  Don’t seek them anywhere else.

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