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Possessions – hold them loosely

A man saved his money for sixteen years to build a magnificent home 25 miles downwind from Mt. St. Helens, Washington state.  He had lived there five years when in May 1980, the mountain “cleared its throat”—a euphemism for the catacysm known as “eruption.”  The 1400 feet of the mountain’s cone blew skyward and its resulting floods and concussions dismantled the house.

A man in Oklahoma spent several years building a home hand by hand, stage by stage.  After moving his family in, and living there but a few days, a massive tornado hit and blew the place to pieces.

Whatever some religionists promise, no one, not even God’s own people, have assurance of prosperity, health, or ease in life.  Indiscriminate and senseless sorrow, suffering and grief may afflict us all, Christians included.  That shouldn’t surprise or terrify us.

But when anything unpleasant comes, when we lose all we’ve worked for, possessed and valued, one factor remains sure:  God loves us.  That never changes and always remains the same.  Christians have joys in Christ they cannot lose, whatever other losses they suffer.  In the midst of all problems, we have God’s secure, sure hopes and certainties.

After the prophet Habakkuk fought his way through a series of questions and doubts, he arrived at a grand conclusion:  whatever happened to him, however much he lost, whatever griefs he suffered, whatever personal afflictions he experienced, he knew he could trust God.  In that confidence he asserted his faith 3:17-19.

Hold loosely all that this world offers.  But hold firmly to faith in God.  He will still be there, helping, when all we thought would be vanishes.

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